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MEDIHEAL Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration! I’m still off, so I’m relaxing for a bit while squeezing in a few store trips here and there for the after Christmas sales. To relax even more, I slapped on a sheet mask from one of my favorite brands. Today’s blog post is on the MEDIHEAL Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask.

MEDIHEAL Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask

First thoughts? The first thing I notice is that the scent is very familiar. I’m pretty sure there’s another MEDIHEAL mask with the same scent — just not sure which one. It is slightly perfume-y but pleasant to me. This came in a pack of 15 on Amazon here. The sheet mask is thin and looks translucent holding onto the essence from the packet. It is also very soft in texture. I love that it has cuts in the eye area towards the bridge of the nose as I just use my fingers to widen it a little so the sheet mask lays right against my face. I kept it on until it is dry to the touch – which is almost an hour. I like that this dries down better than the last MEDIHEAL sheet mask I’ve used here. Still a little tacky feeling when I touch my face but definitely much better AND one of my Christmas gifts from my husband is a cute handheld fan that helps with drying my face with whatever is leftover after sheet masking. So that came in handy. I sealed it off with my face moisturizer then followed that up with sunscreen. My skin looks very hydrated, which is great as the recent polar vortex (or whatever you want to call it) hit our area. I found my lips, face and hands extremely dry all of a sudden so this is perfect for the occasion.

MEDIHEAL Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? While I do like the scent and I didn’t think it would bother me — it is actually pretty strong. Normally scents kind of dissipate a minute or so having the sheet mask on my face. Not so much with this one. So for those that are sensitive to strong scents, keep this in mind. I wouldn’t mind picking up more of these when on a good sale.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.


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