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5C CURE Strawberry Intensive Essence Mask

It’s a new week! I am about to go pick up my son from his school recital practice. Showtime is tomorrow night! I hope he does well. 🙂 Since school is officially over, he got to bed a little later than usual last night. He fell asleep almost immediately as I sat next to him after putting a sheet mask on. Today’s blog post is on the 5C CURE Strawberry Intensive Essence Mask.

5C CURE Strawberry Intensive Essence Mask

First thoughts? The scent hits your nose as soon as you rip open the packet. It makes me think of those little fruit flavored jello cups that’s common in Asia. This is described on their website with the following: “Strawberry (Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit) extract provides nourishment and moisturizing to your skin making it elastic and full of energy. Vitamins and antioxidants help to revitalize the skin, make it bright and radiant. The light essence quickly penetrates the skin without leaving a sticky feeling.” The sheet mask fits on my face pretty well. I did have to adjust and move it around but it gave me no problems at all with the fit. It feels so refreshing while on my face. I removed it after being on my face for almost an hour and my face looks refreshed. It dries down beautifully. No stickiness or tackiness at all. I love it!

5C CURE Strawberry Intensive Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? I like this sheet mask more than I thought I would. I managed to score a box of 10 of these on clearance at my most recent visit to TJMaxx. I’d gladly pick up more of these especially if they’re on clearance.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here. It says that brand page itself is under construction right now but if you click on the main brand link there, this brand and all of its products are there. There’s so many other flavors that I look forward to trying in the future!


EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Vitamin

Happy Friday! I am so glad for this weekend to begin. I just want to catch up on laundry and clean up a little overall. All of our son’s toys are just creeping here and there every so often. I was going to pick up a bit here and there but this week is his last week of pre-K so it’s been busy. Work has been busy too. I was in the mood for a face mask last night, so I gave the EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Vitamin a go.

EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Vitamin

First thoughts? The scent has a similar note to the EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Pomegranate but it is citrusy as opposed to a casual spray perfume type. The foil packed ripped open much smoother with this one compared the last one. I did intentionally make the ripping action fast as I was bracing for some difficulty with that like the last sheet mask I used from this brand. It fits my face pretty well as I’ve learned to focus on getting mask at the nose area flush first. I found myself not needing to make the holes in the eye area larger but that does help almost all the time. I do NOT like getting the essence into my eyes at all. Most of the time it doesn’t hurt but I’d just rather avoid it if I can help it. The sheet mask is dripping with essence so it took a good while for it to dry. I removed it after being on my face for about 40 minutes and the sheet mask was still quite damp. It feels so good to have it on probably because the summer heat is starting to creep in. I do foresee myself using sheet masks almost daily soon. It dried down quite good, leaving just a very slight tacky feeling to my fingertips when I touch my face. Not a problem as I usually just apply moisturizer about 10 minutes after using a sheet mask.

EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Vitamin (details on back)

Any negatives? I think the same note in the scent I noticed with this one compared to the last sheet mask I’ve used from this brand is alcohol. I have a few more to go through from this brand and will keep an eye out on the scent in particular as it might just be a common thing (similar note stemming from alcohol) with sheet masks from this brand.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask – Madecassoside

Happy Tuesday y’all! Mondays and Wednesdays are generally very busy for me so Tuesday is a good day to get a blog post going. It’s been cloudy the past few days but still warm enough that kids are out and about playing all the way up to 9 PM in our neighborhood. Our son is no exception to that as he enjoys getting on his scooter or playing with the neighborhood kids with chalk and other stuff. The weather has been a bit funny to my face where it feels dry but not really. I decided to pick a sheet mask that might restore the right amount of moisture even if it’s just for a bit. Here are my thoughts on the Innisfree Skin Solution Mask – Madecassoside.

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask – Madecassoside

First thoughts? I’m very used to the sheet masks from Innisfree from their other line. I actually thought my experience with this would be in the same ballpark but it impressed me. First, the cotton sheet mask is very soft and holds a good amount of essence well. It comes with a clear film cover which I thought was unnecessary. Directions are easy to understand and follow on the back. The essence is clear with a familiar fresh or clean scent with citrus-y notes. It’s not very strong and it doesn’t bother me at all. I kept the sheet mask on my face until it is almost completely dry to the touch. My skin looks so soft and texture looks even after use. I used the leftover essence in the packet for the next few times I carry out my skincare routine. I really like it as it dries down really nice – nicer than the ones from the My Real Squeeze line. No stickiness or tacky feeling at all. While the packaging looks very similar, I like this particular sheet mask from this line much better than those from the My Real Squeeze line.

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask – Madecassoside (details on back)

Any negatives? The only thing I can think of is the scent but that is relative to everyone. I can see the scent being an issue for those not a fan of it as it’s not extremely light but it does dissipate after having it on your face for a while. From this brand, this is my favorite sheet mask from them to date.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.

ISEHAN Kiss Me Mommy UV Aqua Milk

Hello all! Summer is just around the corner. I can feel it in the air and the heat is starting to kick up. It’s such a shame that the nice, cool Spring weather is literally only a blip in the calendar year here in Tornado Alley. With that said, I’m reviewing another Japanese sunscreen that I’ve been using here and there on me and my four-year-old. Today’s blog post is on the ISEHAN Kiss Me Mommy UV Aqua Milk.

ISEHAN Kiss Me Mommy UV Aqua Milk

What I love about this product? The packaging is quite cute as it is advertised as a line safe for babies and children. ISEHAN’s Kiss Me Mommy! line has a few more products that have caught my eye and their other lines have attractive packaging that is targeted for more grown up audiences. I don’t mind the smaller sized tube as I can easily slip this in a smaller sized bag or even in my back jean pocket. It is light and slightly viscous as you would expect from a sunscreen. It doesn’t have the scent we are all too familiar with announcing itself as a sunscreen though. I can barely detect a scent strong enough to leave an impression on me but just sniffing the open tip of the tube, I catch a whiff of maybe something that makes me think of something like a hint of glue or some neutral baby powder but more pleasant and it’s very light. It spreads really well and leaves a very slight feeling of something on my face that is more moisturizing than greasy and that dissipates over time. The description on one of the websites that carries this product states the following:

Kiss Me Mommy UV Aqua Milk sunscreen is a moisturizing sunscreen suitable for kids. Made with 80% natural ingredients including raspberry, aloe, and jojoba oil, the sunscreen is free from alcohol and fragrances, making it a gentle product that can be used on the most sensitive and delicate skins.

This sunscreen also features natural moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to protect skin from dryness. Unlike most sunscreens which include two types of UV filters, this product contains three providing a total UV protection of SPF50+ and PA++++.

What I don’t like about this product? Probably accessibility and the price. I got it in my Yesstyle order last year and would gladly repurchase this as I use it on my son’s face almost everyday during the summer.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.

EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Pomegranate

Hey guys — it’s been a while! Work and my son’s school activities got pretty busy, so I stepped back from blogging for a bit. Also, I ran out of new sheet masks to try so there’s only so much I can blog about with beauty and skincare. But I was able to make it to TJMaxx recently and managed to pick up some sheet masks on clearance! So, today’s blog post is on a sheet mask from a brand I’ve never used before. Here’s what I think of the EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Pomegranate.

EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Pomegranate

First thoughts? The first thing I notice is the scent. It reminds me of a casual spray perfume like Revlon’s Charlie but it smells different than that. It’s just the vibe that it gives me. Definitely nothing pomegranate about it to me. I did find it quite strong but it dissipates after a while when you have the sheet mask on that I no longer actively notice it. The sheet masks is soft and holds a lot of the essence onto it, which is good. It fits my face pretty well as it lays flush completely with minor adjusting. It feels refreshing and relaxing with it on. I took it off after longer than the recommended time of 15-20 minutes and my face looks nice and dewy. It dried down pretty well and I saved the leftover essence in the packet to apply onto my face after the toner step next time I go through my skincare routine.

EUNYUL Natural Moisture Mask Pack – Pomegranate (details on back)

Any negatives? I really must say that the fragrance is something I actually like but I didn’t like it in this sheet masking experience as I expected a very fruity and fresh scent. It was quite strong too. I also noticed in ripping open the packet that the sheet mask packet isn’t of the same quality as other brands like MEDIHEAL or even DERMAL. I’m used to foil packets where it rips open cleanly and this one I actually rip stretched the packet to open it. The inner plastic material of the packet was separating from the outer material of the packet. It gave me a lower quality vibe with that. I won’t let this one experience sway me yet from this brand so stay tuned for more reviews on other sheet masks from EUNYUL.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.

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