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Wedding DIY #5 – Hospitality Baskets

Today’s post is on something wedding related (again), but it’s not something new. I’ve seen it before years ago when I was still living in the East Coast at a wedding I attended. I saw it at the last wedding I attended too. I just put the basics together of what I could think of my guests possibly needing that I can provide such as antacids, safety pins, body sprays, face wipes, shout wipes, lint remover, gum and more. Shown below is what the basket would look like for the women’s restroom. The men’s basket is more sparse due to the fact that there are things in the women’s basket that doesn’t apply to men at all or have an equivalent object to it (like hair ties, bobby pins and feminine products).

Hospitality Baskets

I hope it comes in handy for some. I know that the last wedding I attended (which was my cousin’s), my fiance got a killer headache and the pain pills came in handy. Thanks cuz! Now, I hope to return the favor to someone else when needed!

Wedding DIY #4 – OOT Guests Welcome Bags

We just picked up the first of our out-of-town guests today! Being that most of them had to travel quite a way to get here, I wanted to make sure that I provide them some goodies in a bag for their convenience. I’ve received welcome bags from the last 2 weddings I have attended as an out-of-town guest. I worked from there for ideas on what to include in my OOT Guests Welcome Bags.

OOT Guests Welcome Bags

I stuffed a bunch of things in the gift bag. Shown are contents for a one person welcome bag. Just double the food and drink portion for the most part for welcome bags for 2 people. Each person gets a water bottle, a bag of goldfish crackers, 2 bags of chips, 2 packets of sandwich crackers, a pack of mint gum, a pack of sweet gum, a wine topper favor, a bookmark favor, a mini spatula favor with accompanying local baking mixes, a few packets of headache medicine and antacids, various pamphlets in relation to things to do in town, and not shown is a box of plain M&M’s and a homemade map with markers of restaurants and things like gas stations or drugstores nearby. I have one family with young children (2 under 3) and I also included stuff for them like a block puzzle set, various rubber duckies and a small blow up toy of a ship for the bath (they have 2 boys). Welcome bags for females contain a night mask too just for fun (unless they’re really using it to aid with sleep). I got most of the food items in bulk at our local Sam’s Club and the pamphlets are from the visitor’s center in Norman. They were so nice when we stopped by there to pick up a few thing for our guests. They gave us more than we thought we were getting! They even included a pad of post-its for each welcome bag.

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (food and drink portion)

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (favors portion)

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (pamphlets and stuff)

I’m handing the rest of them out tomorrow. I sure hope it helps some of our out-of-town guests out. I know that my uncle from Philly already started with some of the bags of chips in his bag! :)

Wedding DIY #3 – Wedding Card Box

Hey guys! Here’s another DIY item I made for my upcoming wedding. I got this idea both from another member of wedding website theknot and online pictures of various wedding card boxes. I’ve seen wedding card boxes and they all look so pretty! The price tag? Not so much. I figured I could just DIY it, but I kept putting it off until I saw another reader on theknot taking the plunge in making her own wedding card box. I wanted to keep it simple and not too tall, so I settled for 2 boxes fused together. I added some finishing touches to it to get the look I want. Here’s my DIY Wedding Card Box.

Wedding Card Box

To make this, I just took 2 boxes with the same shape and one that can nest into the other in size. I then cut into the taped up bigger box a huge hole that’s smaller than the base of the smaller box. I also cut a hole at the bottom side of the smaller box and a slit on the top of the smaller box for guests to drop their cards into. The hole in the bigger box will take care of any cards that are bigger in nature. All cards will just drop all the way down into the big box. I purchased the Damask wrapping paper from Michael’s for $1 and proceed to wrap the bigger box with it. If I had paid attention more to the print, I would’ve used the wrapping paper around the box upright instead of sideways. In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t care really and didn’t want to waste more paper so I didn’t redo it. I got a roll of white paper from the Dollar Tree and wrapped the smaller box with that. I then used a few small bits of those double-sided foam mounting square adhesives that’s used for hanging posters and stuff to hold up the ribbon around the smaller box. I got the ribbon sash from Michael’s on clearance. I forgot how much it was but it was a discounted item in their wedding section. I thought maybe I could use that as a sash with my dress, but I didn’t really like how it looked. I’m glad that I managed to repurpose it, so nothing went to waste! I then attached the smaller box on top of the bigger box, carefully placing it over the cut out part on top of the bigger box on the base. I then used a glue gun to attach them both together. I got a little scissor happy with the hole of the bottom box that it wasn’t fully centered, but oh well. It wasn’t worth for me to redo it either.

Wedding Card Box (direct sunlight)

What do you guys think?

Wedding Treats Suggestions

So….I figured I’d put together a Wedding Treats Suggestions post being that the day is drawing near. I wondered about what pretty and pampering stuff a bride-to-be would enjoy. I shopped my stash on what I already own and what was sent to me for ideas. This is only a small part of what I can think of now for a bride-to-be, so get creative and think of what you would enjoy if you were in my place!

Wedding Treats Suggestions

Wedding Treats Suggestions (lighting changed)

I bet you can spot some items from LUSH, Zoya, Revlon and Ciate in the shots above. LUSH has always been a luxury homemade brand to me. I’ve used several of their items before (reviewed a few here) and while I find them to lean towards the pricey side for bath and body products, there are a few things I am more than willing to plunk down my hard earned cash on from that store. With that said, you can’t go wrong with LUSH items for a bride-to-be most of the time. Spotted in the picture from LUSH are Sex Bomb bath bomb, Tender Is The Night massage bar and Flying Fox shower gel. Oh yes….LUSH can get down with sexy. The first bath bomb I ever purchased from them is actually Sex Bomb. I love how it looks and smells. As with most of their bath bombs, you can choose to drop the entire thing for a relaxing bath or use half of it now and save the other half for later. Their Tender Is The Night massage bar smells so good and contains a lot of great ingredients such as murumuru butter and shea butter. Everything about this item exudes sexiness. The Flying Fox shower gel looks innocent enough, but it is a sensual explosion of fragrance in your shower. Jasmine? Check. Ylang ylang? Check. Honey? HONEY?! Check all the way. LUSH definitely has a way of making your bath and body experience feel luxurious from start to finish of product use.

One might also know that a lot of brides have given much thought to what their wedding nails would look like. And not just the hands, the feet as well! I threw in 3 of the latest nail polish shades from Zoya that I thought would be a good option for wedding nails. Their Magical Pixie Collection is light enough to use for a wedding mani (you can go bold and dark, but the look I’m going for is light and easy). I threw in the Ciate ones as they are embellishments that I’ve seen in some magazines and online for wedding nail art. I’m personally not going to do any nail art for my wedding mani, but these look like something some brides may want to work with for theirs. They look fun, but not quite for me on my wedding day. I still think I’m going to use a holo shade. Maybe light pink or beige.

I threw in a couple of lip products that are easy to use and can make a girl feel sexy with barely an effort at all. Most makeup addicts know all about the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms. They are very pigmented and last a decent amount of time. I chose the bold and sultry colors of Striking and Standout. I intend to pick up at least 3 more of these later on. They go on very nicely on the lips and I always feel good wearing them. Also in the picture is a similar type of product for a cheaper price point — Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain. The shades shown are Tropical Frenzy and Candied Coral. These ones aren’t matte, but I find them to be quite pigmented and they last pretty long as well. If I had to choose between these lip products, I’d go with the Revlon one. There’s something about a bold matte color that’s very sexy. When thinking more about the bridal look, the matte shades might be too bold. The Jordana ones are probably a better option for just a light sheen of moisturizing color on the lips.

Last item in the picture is one of my favorite scents. I stumbled upon Versace Bright Crystal by accident. I was on a beauty swap on the purse forum I belong to and was gifted one of those fragrance sampler kits from Sephora. It comes with 12 sample vials of different perfumes and a voucher to redeem for a full-sized bottle of what you like most among the 12. Versace Bright Crystal was the one for me. The scent is so beautiful, light, sexy, and sophisticated.

Wedding Treats Suggestions (close-up)

I can think of other things to include but these are the ones that caught my eye immediately and I know that these would get me feeling just a little bit sexier in no time. What are other things you can think of that will fit into this category? I know that I’d enjoy getting these things as a bride-to-be. I’d love to use these to pamper myself just a little bit whether it’s before or after the big day!

Wedding DIY #2 – Personalized Wedding M&M’s

Hey guys! I almost forgot about posting this today! Whew! This week, I’m covering things in relation to my wedding. Here’s my second wedding favor with a DIY component to it. It’s just the packaging really since I purchased the M&M’s from the website for some personalization. I randomly chose the 3 colors it asked for that I thought would look good together. No, I don’t have a Tiffany blue theme or anything like that. I just liked how these 3 colors looked together the first time I tried placing an order. I knew I wanted white and I thought I’d go with blue. I didn’t want to go with the dark blue that’s part of their core colors, so I chose the light blue. The last part was easy — just finding a color that complements both and I ended up liking teal the most. So here’s what the end result looks like for my Personalized Wedding M&M’s!

Personalized Wedding M&M’s

They’re pretty pricey when you actually break the numbers down compared to regular M&M’s, but I thought they were cute and I took advantage of a 20% off offer (they come once in a while). You get to choose 2 text and 2 graphic/photo design as well. The text design can hold 2 lines each if I remember right. These will print on the other side where the “m” is not present. I just chose our names “John & Kathy” and “Just Married!” (I thought about printing the date as one of the options, but the Matchbook Wedding Mints bears the date and it would look redundant I thought). You can upload a custom graphic/photo too, but I didn’t want to mess with that after reading some reviews online. The most common complaint that made me steer clear of the custom graphic/photo is that the outcome was blurry or too light. They have some cute graphics already anyway, so I settled for the clinking glasses and the wedding cake. I had my fiancé proofread my order before I placed it because you can’t really cancel it once you go through with it. It took less than a week to get to me if I remember right. I ended up ordering a total of 5 lbs of the printed ones and 2 lbs each of just the colored ones to cut a bit on cost. I planned for 70 guests and am ending up with around 55 I think, but it all worked out because the clear boxes I got were a decent size and I weighed out 3.5 ounces of candy into each box (when I started the weighing part, it made me think about drug dealers weighing out their goods — LOL). In the very end, I ended up with a teeny bit of the printed ones and I was still a few boxes short. I mixed it in with some regular M&M’s and will be giving those out to our youngest guests. I reasoned too that mixing it with the regular colored ones will make them look more familiar maybe (and more colorful!).

I started tying them with the white mesh ribbon, but ran out close to the end. I forgot to take one of those for some reason, so that one’s not in any of the pictures. I had some white satin ribbon on hand and ended up using those until I have a couple left. I had another roll of ribbon with a scallop like design in both white and ivory. I used those to finish up the rest.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon top view)

My favorite ribbon to use out of all of them is the white satin one. I think it looks more polished.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (my favorite out of the 3)

This is as DIY as I can get with this particular wedding favor. There are other ways you can spice it up instead of using ribbons. I thought about the customized sticker option (a monogram or graphic or graphic and text relating to your wedding), but I already had ribbons on hand so I decided to just use them up this way. Stickers would’ve been a heck a lot faster though!

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