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The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate

Hey Guys! Today’s post is on a product that I’ve used before and switched to try out something else after I ran out of it that time. I ran out of my facial serum for my nighttime routine, so I browsed through my stash and decided to open this up. I am instantly reminded of why I liked this product before. Here’s my review on The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate

What I love about this product? Ah….the #1 thing for me is the after feel when using this product. A lot of serums can leave me feeling sticky or greasy to some extent, but no….not this. The product is a clear serum with a good consistency for a facial serum — not too watery or sticky. It is housed in a green glass bottle with a dropper applicator to keep the product free from oils from your fingers or hands. The scent is light and reminds me a bit of rubbing alcohol in the sense of the cooling or minty scent and feel but it doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol. It is citrus I think. Either way, I classify it as a fresh scent. It’s easy to use, just load some product up on the dropper and I apply about 2 generous drops right onto my face and use my fingers to pat it in. The description on the back of the bottle states “Drop by drop, day by day, Drops of Youth™ Concentrate leaves skin looking smoother, firmer, fresher, and more even. Now I don’t really scrutinize my face to keep track of these claims but I like a facial serum at night that doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or greasy while keeping my face decently moisturized and this fits the bill. I know for a fact though that this product will not be enough for me during the winter months.

What I don’t like about this product? With saying that the price isn’t really expensive, it is more expensive than other facial moisturizers, creams or serums our there. A 1 fl oz / 30 ml bottle retails for $39 while the larger version of 1.69 fl oz / 50 ml retails for $55. I did get this in one of their sales (I believe BOGO) so if you’re interested in grabbing this without the retail price tag, watch out for price drops in one of the sales during various times of the year.

You can get this or any of their other products here.

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