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ipsy April 2018 Glam Bag

I know this is late but I had taken the pictures already so we’ll go ahead with it anyway. Here’s what I got in my ipsy April 2018 Glam Bag.

ipsy April 2018 Glam Bag

I LOVE this bag! It’s quite beautiful really. I saved it to give it to my MIL. It makes me think of mothers for some reason (I think it might be the rose gold and the butterflies?). The first item that caught my eye is the H2O+ BEAUTY Oasis Hydrating Treatment. I’m very much into skincare right now so this is right up my alley. Next is the Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub. I love body scrubs so this went straight into my shower. Then we have the Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Liquid Lipstick. I’m still debating if I want to keep this or not. The shade is called Miss Conduct and I’m not sure if it suits me or not (plus, I have a ton of lip products already). Next we have the Manna Kadar Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick. The shade I got is called S’more. Last up is a Steve Laurant Blush. TI’ve never heard of this brand before but it seems like it would be a really nice blush. The shade I got this in is called Rosé All Day. The other shade some others got is called I’m Blushing.

H2O+ BEAUTY Oasis Hydrating Treatment

Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Liquid Lipstick

Manna Kadar Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick

Steve Laurant Blush

Overall, I’m very pleased with what I got — especially the bag! I hope next month’s bag continues this trend!

ipsy April 2016 Glam Bag

Hey guys! We got some good rain the past few days with a warm Spring this year. I’ve been very busy with stuff related to my 2 best girlfriends that I consider as my sisters so it’s been relatively slow here. But I do intend to pick things up soon! This arrived in my mailbox a few days ago and I was going to blog about it yesterday but I had to go to one of their birthday parties. It’s a special one cause her parents, brother and aunt flew in from India for her upcoming wedding in a few days. She hasn’t been with them for any of her birthdays in a good number of years. They’re the absolute sweetest people ever! I can’t wait to see them again in a few days. Anyway, here’s what I got in my ipsy April 2016 Glam Bag.

ipsy April 2016 Glam Bag

I knew after getting last month’s bag, this one most likely isn’t going to be as great. Last month’s makeup bag was just so, so pretty! This one’s not bad but it certainly didn’t have the wow factor that I got from last month’s makeup bag. Anyway, first item that caught my eye is the pur~lisse Beauty Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask and Blue Lotus + Seaweed Sheet Mask. I originally thought that I got 2 of the same thing but it’s actually 2 different ones. I LOVE face masks and actually have a ton of them that I’ll be blogging about eventually — so naturally I can’t wait to try these out. I have tried an item or 2 from this brand and while it didn’t blow me away it performed as expected. Next up is the City Color Cosmetics Highlight Trio. While I think this is an awesome palette, I’ll be giving this away as an extra gift item to one of my nieces probably. I have enough highlighters AND I don’t even use any of them! Then we have my favorite item from this month’s bag: Tarte LipSurgence™ Lip Crème. The shade I got is called Wonder. I don’t have this shade and I’m definitely keeping this one. I love Tarte products — their products are of good quality in my opinion. I have to retake the quiz again cause I keep getting makeup brushes and I don’t really need more. I don’t even use anything that requires a makeup brush really. I got the Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522. The bristles are so soft though and I’ve read that people love it. I’ll set it aside as an extra item in a beauty gift bag for someone. Last up is the Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer. The shade I got is called Irina. It’s a gel polish, no need for base coat it says and it won’t stain your nails. I might keep this but it’s not really a shade I usually go for, so we’ll see.

pur~lisse Beauty Blue Lotus Sheet Mask

City Color Cosmetics Highlight Trio

Tarte LipSurgence™ Lip Crème

Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522

Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer

Overall, not bad but I hope next month’s makeup bag is cuter than this. I do like the shape and size of it though as it holds my phone and cards in it. I find that very handy.

pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum

Hey guys! I’ve been trying this item for about a month now. I got this from my ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag. Here’s my take on the pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum.

pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum

What I love about this product? This is the very first eye serum I think I’ve received from ipsy. Being that I have been using the Reviva Labs Eye Gelee Concentrate for a while now, I thought I’d switch it up with this. The product is gel like in texture and translucent in color. It kinds reminds me of how Neosporin looks like. There is no detectable smell to me at all and it comes in a small squeeze tube with a pointed funneled tip. I find that I like this type of product packaging for products I apply to the under eye area as it gives me more control on how much product comes out of the tube. A little goes a long way with this. It goes on smoothly and skin in that area absorbed it pretty well (and quickly too at that).

What I don’t like about this product? There is a shimmer that I noticed in using this. I guess it helps brighten up the under eye area a bit but while I may not mind it really (it’s not that much) I could see it bothering others that prefer not to have any shimmer at all on any part of their face (which is understandable). The other thing is I don’t really see any difference in using this product so if there are any positive effects with this it’s just too small for me to notice. I have been using this for a month or so now and I typically see results from skincare items earlier than this. But like I said, there’s either no added value to this than what I’ve already been using or just minimal difference that it simply working as an under eye serum is enough to expect from this product.

More information on this item is available on their website here. Products from this brand is carried by selected retailers listed here and online retailers like

ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I’ll try to keep this short as I’m looking at a super busy weekend. Here’s what I got in my ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag.

ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag

I think the bag is very cute! The print makes me think of all things retro and Austin Powers. First item that caught my eye is the Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream. I have received a hand cream of the same brand in a previous glam bag and remembered liking it. I’ll keep this to try out as soon as my current body lotion runs out. Next up is Beau Gâchis Paris Smudge Brush. I don’t wear makeup a lot and already have a lot of makeup brushes so I’ll keep this in my stocking stuffer stash. Then we have theBalm Mr. Write (Now). This eye liner has a catchy name and a built-in sharpener. The shade I got is in Jack B. Bronze, which is a rich bronze. I can’t wait to try this out as I’m curious to how their eye liners are. Next is the pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum. I’m about to switch my eye cream and this seems to be a good one to try out. Last item is the Hikari Cream Metallic Pigment Shadow. The shade I got is called Mink. Eye shadow is one kind of product I have too much of already so I’ll save this for someone else.

Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream

Beau Gâchis® Paris Smudge Brush

theBalm Mr. Write (Now)

pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum

Overall, pretty good! I’m looking forward to next month’s bag already.