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Throwback Thursday: Hard Candy Pixie

Hey guys! How are y’all doing today? Another week is coming quickly to an end and I’m looking forward to the weekend once again. If you guys follow me on Instagram here, you’d have seen my Throwback Thursday contribution posted a few hours ago. Here’s Hard Candy Pixie.

Throwback Thursday Hard Candy Pixie

Does this ring a bell? I got this shade from a friend of mine. She thought it would be a nice addition to my collection – and it sure is! I have a few shades that are similar to it, but not the same at all. The glittery goodness is so pretty that I can use it over any shade. My favorite is over black cause it brings out the best of the pretty glitters in my opinion. Do any of you guys have this shade or remember any of the other shades from the same time this shade is released? They’re all long gone and I’d have to hunt them down online probably. I like their new shades, but there’s something about the older shades that I simply like more.


Hard Candy New Nail Lacquer Collection

Winter is wrapping up and color is beginning to pop everywhere. From the runways to the cosmetic aisles of Walmart the story is color and Hard Candy’s new collection – set to roll out immediately – tells a tale of “Poppin Pigments” and shades that will have you “All Lid Up!”

What you will be interested in is the 45 (!!!) new shades of Nail Lacquer that Hard Candy is launching. 5 new collections. 9 shades in each. Glitter, Chrome, Rich tones – something for everyone! Not only will nail aficionados fall for the colors but they will also flip for the price of $3.97 each!

Hard Candy New Nail Lacquer Collection

Crushed Chrome Collection. Luxurious and timeless hues embellished with a golden textured finish. This collection boasts refinement and sophistication and is infused with a vivacious luster.

Hard Candy Crushed Chromes Collection

Itsy Glitzy Collection. Intense, illuminating, and incandescent hues saturated with the richest and most extreme mica and glitter. Inspired from the runway and now at your fingertips.

Hard Candy Itsy Glitzy Collection

Crystal Confetti Collection. A unique collection based on artistic expression. Flourishing, adventurous, full coverage shades with various particle sizes and creative textures. Graffiti is revolutionary; it’s an outlet to create public art. Now take this artistic and creative expression to your nails.

Hard Candy Crystal Confetti Collection

Glitteratzi Collection. The combination of confident opposites and intimate tonalities mixed with the right amount of sparkle creates enthusiasm for the vitality of life. The hues are natural and are becoming more evolved and colored. Tasteful tones with all the personality to satisfy every trend setter.

Hard Candy Glitteratzi Collection

Candy Sprinkles Collection. Suspended in a clear top coat, shimmery flecks sparkle brilliantly with different shapes of shiny glitter. Candy Sprinkles is a fabulous top coat over any color.

Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles Collection

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick

The full name of this product is Hard Candy Saturated Lip Color Duo & Brush On Tooth Whitener, but I figured that most readers would refer to this as the Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick. I believe it’s one of their new products for 2012.

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick

Described as “A lip duo that will have your smile looking perfectly pearly white! One side is a lipstick with a shimmer top coat center core, and the other is a brush-on tooth whitener. Shimmer center core is infused with blue pearls to make teeth appear more white. Tooth whitener can be applied daily for the brightest, shiniest smile around! $6”, this product comes in 8 different shades to choose from.

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick (see the center core?)

What I love about this product? It comes in a typical lipstick size, so it will fit in your makeup bag and clutches just fine. The bottom part is the tooth whitener and that comes with a small brush for ease of application. The lipstick part has a nice center core that contains the shimmer in the product. The lipstick itself does not contain shimmer for the shade I got, Picture Perfect. Formula is smooth and creamy. It’s not as dry as some lipsticks I’ve tried. It’s more on the moisturizing side that could almost pass for a lip gloss, but not quite really. I’ve been seeing more and more lipsticks having this texture instead of the traditional ones where it’s more dry. It’s a pleasant change really. It lasts a decent amount of time on my lips, 6 hours or so. There is a minty feel that it leaves on my lips. I’m assuming it’s due to the center core part of the lipstick. The tooth whitener part works just like any other brush-on tooth whiteners out in the market.

What I don’t like about this product? None really. There is a shade for everyone pretty much and the price is very reasonable.

This item retails for about $6 is available exclusively at Walmart.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Hard Candy Shiny When Wet Duo

Hey guys! I’ve had lots of time to test this product extensively. It got my seal of approval, but read on to see if it’s for you or not. Here’s Hard Candy Shiny When Wet Duo.

Hard Candy Shiny When Wet Duo

Hard Candy’s Shiny When Wet Duo is both waterproof mascara and waterproof liquid eye liner in one nifty tube container. Easy peasy, eh? It’s so convenient! The liquid eye liner is contained in the mascara applicator. Genius! Just twist the mascara handle and it’s an eye liner applicator! The back of the metallic blue tube packaging states the following: “SHINY WHEN WET! Waterproof mascara plus liquid eye liner. Patent Gloss Black finish with unshakeable staying power. Swim, workout, cry, dance ’til you drop. It won’t budge. Lashes and liner stays glossy all day!”

What I love about this product? It works as it claimed to as a whole. Mascara and eye liner formula is indeed waterproof. The only time it smudged a little and I started getting the raccoon eye syndrome was at the end of the day when my eye lids start to get oily. We all know what oil does to waterproof formulas, so that’s not the product’s fault at all. The pigmentation is very dark and glossy. I love it. One thing I eventually got used to is the application method with this product. I’ve come to realize a while back that different mascara formulas have different application methods. I’m speaking strictly of the time it takes before you do a second coating. Some other brands dry really fast with a thin formula and you can immediately apply a second coating while others you can’t. This is one of the ones that I have to wait because the formula is thicker than most other mascaras I’ve tried. The eye liner part is where it really shines for me. I’ve always had a hard time applying liquid eye liner. This is the first time I’ve had no problems at all. Zero. It glided on smoothly and the applicator is fine and thin for that. I caked on too much the first time and got some flaking after a few hours, so take a note of that during application.

What I don’t like about this product? None really. Once I know how much to apply and the wait time in between coats, it worked flawlessly.

This item retails for about $7 is available exclusively at Walmart.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Hard Candy Eye’m Tired

Hey guys! I’ve been through a rough patch for a little over a month now, but trust me….things get better always and they have for me. Sometimes we get a little help along the way though, just like with this new product from Hard Candy. I’ve gotten the chance to try this out for review and it fared pretty well. Here’s Hard Candy Eye’m Tired.

Hard Candy Eye’m Tired

This depuffing eye serum comes with a massaging trio rollerball to spread the formula over the undereye area. It claims to de-puff, brighten and firms the sensitive eye area. The back of the box states the following: “Lightweight depuffing eye serum cools and calms tired eyes. Gently roll under eyes for instant rejuvenation & de puff those bags! Trio rollerball massages away bags as it refreshes the eye area.”

What I love about this product? It actually works. Just like I have mentioned before and earlier in this post, I’ve been going through some stuff in my life recently and let’s just say that I’ve had some days where you can tell I’ve cried the night before. I had this on hand and figured it’s worth a shot. Worst that could happen is that it makes no difference at all. But to my surprise, it actually does help a little bit. It actually makes my eye area look less puffy after applying it for a bit. It’s not a miracle worker, some people can still tell that I’ve had a rough night but it doesn’t look like I’ve cried a river. It’s easy to use and carry too.

What I don’t like about this product? None really. For the price, this is a good buy for the results you’re getting. It’s not a miracle product that will get rid of all puffiness, but it’s good for a quick slight fix.

This item retails for about $5 is available exclusively at Walmart.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*