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Zoya Naked Manicure Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream

Hey guys! To those that play Pokemon Go, today is Community Day! I hope to be able to see and catch a Squirtle sporting some sunnies! Haha! And if you’re out yesterday like I was, I hope you managed to snag yourself a shiny Articuno! Onto blog stuff, today’s post is on something I’ve been using diligently since March. Here’s my take on the Zoya Naked Manicure Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream.

Zoya Naked Manicure Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream

What I love about this product? While I’m not a huge fan of the scent initially (as scent is relative to everyone), I’m okay with it now. The scent is leaning on the strong side but it dissipates over time quickly enough that it doesn’t bother me anymore. It did in the beginning though. I thought maybe it was a hint of a certain kind of vanilla but my husband doesn’t really detect vanilla. He described it as “honey flower” and I can agree with that. The product comes in a twist cap tube that a lot of body creams and lotions come in. It is white in color and the consistency is what I would expect from a lotion more than a cream BUT the leftover feel the product has on my hands is definitely like a rich lotion or cream to me. I use this on my hands the most but I can see it working nicely on anywhere on my body, except for the face as it says so on the tube in bold lettering.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing but while I like it, it doesn’t replace my holy grail hand cream from the Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System I’ve used a while ago. And I’m not sure if it can beat the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream for winter hand problems that I’ve had.

More information on other products the brand carries is available on their website here.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag

Happy Sunday! I got this in about a week ago but didn’t get around to taking pictures until this weekend. It’s not a bad start of the year with ipsy! Here’s my take on the ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag.

ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag

The bag is something out of the box for me. It grew on me though and I can’t wait to use it. It’s the material mostly but it grew on me more by now and it kinda looks sporty! First item that caught my eye is the -417 Hand Moisturizer. I haven’t used it yet but I’m a sucker for hand creams and moisturizers especially at this time of the year. Next up is the Pretty Woman Nail Polish. The shade I got this in is called I Can’t Deal. It looks to me like a greige type of shade, not really my thing but I know someone who would look good with this shade. Then we have the Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. The shade I got this in is LIGHT/MEDIUM, which I think it the right one for me. I don’t use this type of product much but BB creams can be worn alone like a moisturizer, if I remember right, so I’ll give it a shot as such. Next we have the Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss. The shade I got this in is called Method To The Madness. It looks to be a pretty coral shade but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this or not. As I said many times in my past ipsy Glam Bag posts, I have too many lip products open already. Last up is The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers. I’m glad that I got this in my bag as everything about the product caught my eye — the packaging, the color, the item itself and more. I found out that it’s a brand that didn’t originate in the US, so I’m glad for the opportunity to try something from them. I will be putting these to the test tonight!

-417 Hand Moisturizer

Pretty Woman Nail Polish

Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers

Overall, not bad! Next month is Valentine’s Day month and I think they usually do something around that theme for the bag. I’m really excited to see what it may be!

Walmart Winter 2016 Beauty Box

This popped in my mailbox recently and for $5 (still!), I’m keeping the subscription. Here’s what I got in my Walmart Winter 2016 Beauty Box.

Walmart Winter 2016 Beauty Box

This box is more exciting than the others I’ve gotten in the past mostly because of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer

Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash

TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Fragrance Free Lotion

Included Samples

I’m looking forward to trying some of these out so watch out for reviews to come!

ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag

Hey there! How is everyone? I really thought that I’d be catching up with my posts this time of the year but what can I say — I am in vacation mode, indeed. I did get more stuff in for review but just haven’t gotten around to posting them just yet. It’s been a crazy, fun past few days that I’ve spent with my husband and his side of the family mostly. I hope y’all had a nice break and are ready to ring in the new year! I got this in about a week ago so without further delay here’s my take on the ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag.

ipsy December 2016 Glam Bag

I’ll admit — I’m not a huge fan of the bag. It’s the material mostly but it grew on me more by now. First item that caught my eye is the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I love the brand Tarte and I do have a bottle or 2 of these already from previous gift sets I’ve purchased, but I haven’t gotten around to use it yet. I’m definitely keeping this and will be trying it out soon especially with this dry winter weather conditions. Next up is the Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick. The shade I got this in is called Pin Up. While I like the brand and all, I think I will pass it on to one of my nieces to try it out. I can’t really keep everything I get….I have no time to use them up or the space to allot for them! Then we have the Barefoot Venus Ginger Snap Instant Hand Repair. I thought about keeping this but I’m trying to use up some hand creams I have currently in rotation. I’m tossing this as an extra gift item for my MIL as I know she likes trying out new things and recently got interested in the hand creams I’ve been using. Next we have the theBalm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara. I haven’t kept any mascaras for myself recently that I’ve decided I’m going to try this out. Last up is the MintPear Beauty Blending Sponge. I don’t use makeup brushes that much already and I’ve never used a makeup sponge before. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about this one. I’m not sure whether I should keep it to try it out or toss it into the extra gifts pile. The use of a sponge has never appealed to me before so I guess I’ll hang onto it until at least after I read up on it.

Tarte Maracuja Oil

Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

Barefoot Venus Ginger Snap Instant Hand Repair

theBalm Mad Lash Mascara

MintPear Beauty Blending Sponge

So retaking the ipsy test eliminated makeup brushes for me this time but I got a makeup sponge in its place. LOL! We’ll see what next month’s bag brings!

Not Soap, Radio joy inducing hand/body lotion

Okay, I RARELY post about a product immediately here after trying it only a few times. This is one of those times. It’s either very good that I can’t wait to share about it or very bad and I’m sharing my disappointment with it. I got this from my ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag that I just blogged about yesterday. Here’s my take on the Not Soap, Radio joy inducing hand/body lotion.

Not Soap, Radio joy inducing hand/body lotion

What I love about this product? The formula is pretty good. It’s moisturizing without being greasy at all — something I look for in a good lotion. It locks in moisture pretty well from what I can tell during the short time this product was applied onto my hands. My hands were dry from washing dishes and it’s like a drink of water to them. But sadly, I couldn’t test this product fully except maybe if I applied it on my feet or something.

What I don’t like about this product? The scent. I was hoping for a light lemon and sugar scent along the lines of C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon Sugar or even the Sugared Lemons candle from Bath & Body Works a few years ago. To me, it doesn’t smell like real lemons at all nor does it smell like some lemon candy. I make lemon poppy seed loaf cakes every week and I know what real lemons smell like. I love lemon candy so I know how it tastes and this scent doesn’t make me think of it at all. It has a medicine or chemical hint to it and it gave me a headache. Scent is one of the most relative things to people so what bothers me may not bother you at all. In fact, you might actually really like it as a lot of other people do. I’m taking this to work and letting my co-workers use it up as the formula is not bad at all. I had to wash my hands after using it and am just glad I didn’t use this on my body right after I showered before going to work. I would’ve had to endure the scent all day possibly! I say possibly because after trying to see if it gets better for 15 minutes the scent didn’t fade enough for it to not bother me, so I don’t really know how long-lasting the scent is. Upside to this scent aspect is they have a ton of other scents to choose from so maybe another scent would’ve worked better for me (the lavender one perhaps).

More information on this item is available on their website here. Products from this brand is carried by selected online retailers such as

ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my ipsy bag a weeks ago or so but didn’t get around to posting about it until today. I’ve been very busy with work (still) that what time I have left I just go do other things that I enjoy to relax. Here’s what I got in my ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag.

ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag

First, the bag — HOLO?! Hell yeah! I LOVE it! I didn’t care for the print much but the holo goodness just stands out so I don’t mind at all. And it’s made out of the thicker material so this is now in rotation as my phone case (yes, I carry my phone in ipsy bags made of thicker material as it doesn’t have an actual real phone case). The first item that caught my eye is the theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow. The shade I got this in is called Matt Kumar and it’s described as a “matte cranberry”. I would’ve probably liked the other shade available sent to other ipsy subscribers called Matt Moskowitz. That one’s described as a “matte plum”. In general, I think plums would look better on me as an Asian than cranberry. But the packaging is so cute, as usual, and the name is catchy that I’m keeping this. I actually realized that I own more of theBalm products than I thought I did. Good brand for a decent price in my opinion. Next items that caught my eye are the SHRAY face masks. The ones I got are Ms. Amazing & Queen Bee. I have been slacking off in using face masks that I was just reminded of that with these. I’m going to make an effort again to use them including these 2. Then we have the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. I’m excited to receive this as I’ve been testing different makeup primers for the past few years now and didn’t have one from Too Faced on hand to test. Next up is the Vasanti Contour Eyeshadow Brush. Well, I definitely did NOT need more makeup brushes in general and I’ve retaken the ipsy quiz to indicate that but whatever. The rest of what I got was good so I’ll just put this in the extra gifts makeup pile for others. Last up is the Not Soap, Radio joy inducing hand/body lotion. I looked up this brand as I couldn’t really tell if it had more than one line of products with different scents or not and discovered that the hand and body lotion I got fell under their Be Happy category on the website. I like the scent of lemons and sugar so I think this might be the one to keep an eye on. It brings me back to when I was a huge fan of the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Sugar Body Scrub (discontinued now if I’m not mistaken).

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow

SHRAY Face Mask

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Vasanti Cosmetics Contour Eyeshadow Brush

Not Soap, Radio joy inducing hand/body lotion

With the exception of the makeup brush, I’m loving everything I got! Can’t wait for next month now!

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme

Hey guys! I’m so glad it’s the weekend again! It’s been a super busy week for me so I’m glad to have this time away from work. Here’s my take on the Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme.

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme

What I love about this product? Sally Hansen is well-known worldwide as a trusted brand. I didn’t hesitate to try this product out as soon as I managed to get my hands on one in a CVS winter clearance sale about 2 years ago. I like that the product has a light scent that even my husband didn’t mind (he’s quite sensitive to scents like a good percentage of people are). This hand cream delivers! I use this heavily during the winter as it has almost no hint of greasiness at all. My skin absorbs it quickly and it leaves my skin soft and nice. I’ve reviewed several other hand creams before and what I will say is that I find this formula to be in almost in the same bucket as Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream. I personally think this is better than that by a little bit due to the moisture lasting factor. I don’t want to say this is ever so slightly greasier than that. What I will say is I find that the Bath & Body Works one absorbs instantly with no greasiness at all left behind. It feels more like a lotion really when compared to the Sally Hansen one. That leaves my hands feeling like there is leftover moisturizing protection even after my skin absorbs most of it. I talked about other hand creams that impressed me before, the Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System and Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream so I won’t rehash those again.

What I don’t like about this product? If it has been discontinued, that would be it. I can’t seem to find it under the product listing on their website. I have one more tube left and while there are other hand creams out there that I do love, I will say that this is my favorite for winter as it keeps my hand moisturized perfectly without the greasiness of effective hand creams I’ve tried.

More information on this brand is available on their website.

Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice break with the holiday festivities. I’m still on vacation so I can’t really complain. Today’s post is on something I’ve been testing the past few weeks now. Here’s my take on Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®.

Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®

I was sent this for review and initially was confused why I needed several pairs of the same thing. Well, they’re not the same thing is why! Pedi-Sox® comes in several different lines: Original, Lite, Ultra and Spa Deluxe (not shown here). The Original is described as “A great design for all types of feet. A heavier weight thick cotton blend. Triple weave body for cozy warmth and cushion. Flat weave fore portion for foot comfort.” The Lite – California Weight is described as “A lighter weight material that hugs & caresses the foot. Fun spring time colors and designs. Perfect for year round usage and warmer climates where the heavier weight material may be too ample.” The Ultra is described as “Luxuriate…..”Extend the Pleasure of the Pedicure Experience™”. Rich caressing luxury stylish & contemporary yarns for cozy goodness…. Ultra Soft for comfy pleasure…..playful, exotic, spontaneous designs…..and Ultra Massaging to soften skin deliciously. Ultra Pedi-Sox™ Ultra Luxury.” And lastly, the Spa Deluxe is described as “Designed for Premier Spas’s Worldwide Elegant European Design with amazing Stretch, Fit, Feel and Comfort. Indulgent Inner Terry Loop – For a Subtle Massage Effect. Knit using Italian Knitting Machines with Breathable Cotton Blend Hydrotech® Threads that have a Hollow Core. Hollow Core Threads Absorb and Hold Treatment Serums & Creams…..then Gradually Release for Softer Smoother Skin.”

Pedi-Sox® Original, Lite and Ultra

The Original one I got is in Denim. The material is pretty thick and sturdy while soft at the same time. The Lite one I got is in B & W Polka Dot. This is the print that first caught my eye. It looked so cute and I thought of cows. The material is thinner and lighter than the Original one. The Ultra one I got is in Baby Leopard print. I feel that the material is thicker than the Lite but softer. It feels like the most luxurious out of the 3 I got.

SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate

The SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate goes well with these neat socks. They do lock in moisture well and is perfect for Winter. I am actually using it right now while wearing the Ultra Pedi-Sox® in Baby Leopard print from the Ultra line. It helps soften the dry skin I get on my heels. The formula is nice and thick like a cream. It is white in color and the smell is light and clean.

While I do love the idea of having toe-less socks while painting my toes, I find it uncomfortable to use for this purpose. I suppose it’s something I have to get used to eventually so I don’t see it as a negative really. It felt a little awkward to me as I am used to not having anything on while painting my toenails. It does keep my feet warm and I’ve actually been using it more as socks at home. I use it everyday right now as my feet gets cold this time of the year and I have picked up the habit of applying lotion to my feet to keep it moisturized and soft. I do think that it gives a pampering effect that is perfect in salon settings or having a pampering get-together with friends that includes painting your toenails.

The Original Pedi-Sox® is priced at $9 while the Lite version is $7 and the Ultra version is $11. The Spa Deluxe rings in at $16. I don’t think the price is too unreasonable at all as it is a pampering type of product and you’re only going to need a pair (or two). The SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate goes for $14 for a 2 oz tube or $30 for the 8 oz tube. While the SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate works well with the Pedi-Sox®, feel free to use any body or foot lotion or cream you have on hand instead. I think what you’re really after is in the Pedi-Sox® itself more than the SofSpa® products.

Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa® products are available on their website and at various salons in the US and Canada listed here.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

ipsy October 2015 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I was very surprised how fast I got this month’s bag. It was in the mailbox yesterday when my husband checked. Here’s what I got in my ipsy October 2015 Glam Bag.

ipsy October 2015 Glam Bag

First off, while I’m not in love with the bag….I still like it. I love the fact that it’s gold. The other side is in black patent. First item that caught my eye is the Emité Make Up Professional Slant Tweezer. I’ve been due for a new one so this might be a good contender. Next up is Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum. I’ve used a product from this brand before so I’m open to trying this one out. I hope the scent isn’t the same as even though the product I did try said it’s unscented….the scent made me gag slightly. Then we have the AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish. The shade everyone who got this is their bag is Inky Dinky. I’m not sure if I’m keeping this yet but I may just to compare how it fares to other brands. Next is the Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion. Last thing I need right now is more hand and body lotion since I have a ton from Bath & Body Works. I’ll probably have this as an additional gift to someone eventually. Last item is theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick. The shade that everyone who got this item in their bag is Committed.

Emité Make Up Professional Slant Tweezer

Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum

AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish

Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

Overall, I’m most excited about the item from theBalm and I actually laughed at the name of the product (they’re pretty good and cute at naming their stuff!).

Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream

Hey guys! It’s Thursday again and I’m so ready for the weekend! It’s a short week for me so I’m off to some adventure in a few minutes! Today’s post is on something I’ve been using for the past few months. Here’s my take on the Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream.

Bath & Body Works Nourishing Hand Cream

What I love about this product? Bath & Body Works is a relatively accessible brand so if I ever run out of something I can always grab it on the way to something at some point. I love how this hand cream does moisturize without any greasiness at all. The only other hand cream that trumps this in terms of non-greasiness is the hand cream from the Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System. The one that lasts longer with less product is definitely the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. The Neutrogena one can feel a little bit of something (not greasy really but not really tacky…hard to describe) if you put too much on your hands. Also, the Neutrogena one is the way to go if you want a hand cream that works well and is unscented. Back to the Bath & Body Works one, you have a lot of options in terms of scent. This one I have shown is part of a limited edition line and is called Lemon Chiffon. The Southern Collection is my favorite line of theirs to date and I’m glad I managed to stock up on lots of the hand creams from that during this past semi-annual sale. The ones out on the floor this time, in addition to the core line scents like White Citrus and Japanese Cherry Blossom, are for their current Fall line such as Cozy Vanilla Cream and Bright Autumn Day. In a few weeks the ones for the Holiday season will be out. With so many scents out there that they put out, it’s almost guaranteed there’s something for everyone.

What I don’t like about this product? Aside from the downside of having too many yummy scents that you can’t use up a tube fast enough, nothing really. It goes on sale 3 for $12 occasionally and that’s when I stock up when not during semi-annual sale. It retails for $5 each.

This item is available on their website and in their retail locations.

Walmart Summer 2015 Beauty Box

I recently got this in the mail and was going to take product shots on Sunday but was very busy with household chores. It was sunny and my husband actually got us a new game from Steam so he chipped in and took the product shots for me as I finished up the household chores. Bless his heart! He didn’t use the zoom function that I always do and actually even took product shots of the lotion foil packet sample as well as the fragrance vial sample. I would’ve skipped both of those but I can’t really complain with free help right? Here’s what I got with my Walmart Summer 2015 Beauty Box.

Walmart Summer 2015 Beauty Box

Everything came in the same sturdy cardboard box. There is one more item in this box than I’m used to, making this a pretty good deal for $5.

St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 70

NIVEA Soft Moisturizing Creme

NYC Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss

Dove go fresh Revitalize Body Wash

Jergens Natural Glow

One Direction You & I Perfume

This is much better than the last box, Walmart Spring 2015 Beauty Box. The extra item contributed greatly to that and the samples are more applicable to me than the previous boxes. The coupons are nice too in this box.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream

Hey guys! How y’all been doing?! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it’s just as good as mine (if not better!). There were lots of food to eat and good company to spend it with as well. I did partake in some of the shopping madness, but all online! It’s so much easier. Unfortunately though, some items from my ULTA order may actually never arrive cause they’re possibly out of stock I was told. They can’t seem to give me a clear answer really as when I called on Saturday after receiving an email, I was told that 2 items are out of stock. I got a shipping confirmation email yesterday for one of my orders and not all items in that order are shipped out so I called them again. I wanted to find out which Philosophy shower gels are not coming so I can place an order directly from the manufacturer’s site. All they’re able to tell me is that it’s in process and it doesn’t mean that it’s out of stock. I’ll be disappointed if it did indeed goes out of stock when it’s time to ship my order because I called them twice about it to make sure (and both times I got different answers!). Now I wish I made an extra order on Philosophy’s site just to make sure I got everything I wanted at least. But oh well, that’s life I suppose. I’ll be contacting ULTA still if the outcome comes to that to let them know that this frustrates their customers (hopefully they’ll listen!). Anyway, today’s post is on something I got in an earlier ipsy Glam Bag (ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag). Here’s Figs & Rouge Hand Cream.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream

What I love about this product? The scent is pretty light for a hand cream. It faintly smells of mango really. It brings a lot of moisture to the skin immediately with the relatively thin formula for a hand cream. It absorbs fast into the skin and dries pretty quick. It does boast of “a unique Non-Greasy concentrated formula for smooth, softer hands & cuticles” according to the print on the back of the tube. The tube is very colorful and attractive — it makes me think of candy or carnivals. I adore their packaging. It’s very eye-catching and pretty (almost cutesy). It is made out of pure and natural ingredients, which is a plus for those in the market for these type of products.

What I don’t like about this product? Aside from the formula being quite thin for a hand cream (it’s more of a hand lotion really) — the availability. This product is from the UK and not as accessible or widely distributed as other popular brands of the same type of product.

This item is available on their online store here as well as at other online retailers such as

ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! It’s almost the weekend again and I’m very much looking forward to it! I’ve done some major damage in terms of shopping the past few days, but how can I resist with all these F&F and 20% off everything sales? I placed an order already with Sephora and ULTA (and that’s on top of my recent ULTA run to take advantage of the BOGO Freeman masks in-store). I also got the second Freeman Mystery Bag I ordered and this one came with the “mystery treat for feet” items. It definitely made me wish I ordered some last year cause it was so much better in terms of being a deal, but at least I got in on the deal this year. I’d regret it even more next year if the price goes up again! But anyway, here’s everything that I got from my ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag

The first item that caught my eye is the ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair. BB Cream for hair? The packaging looks so elegant that thoughts about it being a gimmick stopped screaming in my head (it’s still in the back of my head, but I’m trying very hard to be unbiased without trying it out first). I’ll be using this shortly and provide a review on this for sure. The next item is the Starlooks Lip Gloss. The shade everyone got is Guilty Pleasure. It looks to be a pretty shade, but I’ll save this up for my niece that loves lip products. Up next is Skyn Iceland Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths. To be honest, this is the item I wasn’t too thrilled that I got initially. I never really use products like this, but I’ve heard a few girls rave about it so far after getting this in their ipsy bags that I’m actually looking forward to using this now! And this leads to the item that looks the most unassuming: MicaBeauty Mineral Eye Shadow. The shade I got is in Harlequin, which is a deep teal-ish green shimmer it seems. I have too much eye makeup that I’m saving this one for my niece that loves turquoise and similar shades. The first item I ended up trying is the Figs & Rouge Hand Cream. The scent I got is Mango Mandarin but it doesn’t smell anything like it in my opinion. I can smell a hint of shea butter in it. I ended up using it first as my dog seems to like this item the most out of this month’s bag. He tried to eat it!

ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair

Starlooks Lip Gloss

Skyn Iceland Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths

MicaBeauty Mineral Eye Shadow

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream

If you read my review on last month’s bag here, you know that I am so in love with the bag itself that I wasn’t sure how they can top it with the next one. They kinda almost did actually! I LOVE everything about this month’s bag. I love the color and the material of it. It’s simply perfect. Keep up the great job ipsy!

ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my goodies from ipsy Glam Bag a little later this month, but it was worth the wait. I love, love, love the bag. I can’t stress that enough. I can’t decide if this is my favorite or second favorite makeup bag from ipsy. So, I was slightly disappointed of course that I noticed there is surface damage on the studded side of the makeup bag. The cardboard insert is placed outside of the bag and on that side so it poked the holes in the material. That was in fact what I saw when I opened the pretty metallic pink padded envelope it came in. The corner of the cardboard insert was right on the largest of the holes. 😦 I can live with that though. What bothered me more was the damage caused by the corner of the cardboard insert to the first stud. I could only guess that during shipping, just like how it poked holes into the material of the surface of the makeup bag…..the cardboard insert got into a nook at the first stud and kinda pried it around a little bit — stretching the material. I did end up emailing ipsyCare about it and they were quick to respond and resolve my issue. I asked if there was any way I could get another makeup bag because mine was damaged and sent a picture with it. They’re going to ship one out to me. But anyway, here’s everything that I got from my ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag

The first item I zeroed in is the Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser. I got another Nourish Organic product from an earlier ipsy Glam Bag and reviewed it here recently. It’s sitting on my bathroom counter currently as it’s the next thing I use once my current facial cleanser runs out. Next up is the Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush. Crown Brush is a brand I’ve heard about, but I usually like seeing makeup brushes in person before I place a purchase. Also, I already have a decent amount of makeup brushes that I’m not actively looking for more. This is a good way for me to try it out and assess for future makeup brush purchases. Next item I plucked out of the bag is the Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil. The shade I got is called Gunmetal and it looks to be a pretty shade, but I just have too many eye pencils currently so I’m saving this up to pass it on to someone else that will put it to good use. The next item I pulled out is the Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Love Affair. As mentioned for months now, I have tons of lip glosses open so I’ll be saving this for my niece Jacey. This shade is right up her alley too. The last item in this month’s Glam Bag is the Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream. I’ve never heard of this brand and I think this is the first time I’m getting a hand cream from ipsy. This is the item I’m most excited to try out of everything I got. I’ll provide a full review once I’ve used it extensively.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser

Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil

Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream

Overall, a great Glam Bag but that’s mainly because I am so in love with the makeup bag this month. Just when I thought things were starting to fall into a plateau with my ipsy subscription….this month totally got me excited to see what next month’s bag brings!

LUSH Helping Hands

Hey guys! Today’s post is on something I’ve been testing for about 2 months now. It’s currently my favorite hand product from LUSH to date. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. Here’s my take on LUSH Helping Hands.

LUSH Helping Hands

Described as “FOR HARDWORKING HANDS IN NEED OF HELP”, this product comes in 3.5 oz and retails for $18.95. More luscious description found on their website:

“The name says it all. Our miracle-working, calming chamomile and cocoa butter cream has been saving hands worldwide for years. It’s perfect for people who work with their hands and suffer from dry, chapped skin as a result. Soothing honey, moisturizing oils and nourishing butters help to protect and care for hardworking hands and make them soft and flexible once again. You might be a person who thinks that hand cream is merely one more non-essential thing to spend your money on. Give your hands a little help; smooth some on and feel the difference it makes.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “Take a small dollop of hand cream and massage into your dry hands and arms. With LUSH products a little goes a long way, so start with a little and use more if desired.”

What I love about this product? Simply put — it works! Y’all know that as much as I love their Lemony Flutter, I find it too thick and tacky in texture to use as a hand cream (although you can). This is the answer to that! The formula is creamy but not thick. It makes me think of yogurt. It is the palest of pale pink in color. With regular use, I see a great improvement in the look and feel of my hands. It smells great too! It’s every so slightly sweet with a hint of minty freshness and the scent isn’t overpowering at all. At least it wasn’t to me. I use it all the time when I feel I have the need to moisturize my hands! My hands are so soft and moisturized with this gem of a product.

What I don’t like about this product? If I had to be picky, the price. But sure, you can get something else from another brand for a cheaper price, but it’s not made with the freshest ingredients possible. I mean, I can attempt to make this product fresh too but I’d rather pay the price and get it from them when it comes down to that. The time and effort it will take me to do it is worth me just paying the price.

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

LUSH Charity Pot

I took my time with testing this product from LUSH. I really enjoyed everything about it. Here’s my take on the LUSH Charity Pot.

LUSH Charity Pot

Described as “CHARITABLE COCOA CREAT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING”, this product comes in either 1.7 oz or 7.9 oz and retails for $5.95 and $22.95 respectively. More vivid description found on their website:

“Inside every black pot of Charity Pot is a whole lot more than a creamy body lotion to hydrate parched, dry skin. Of course, it’s filled with the finest ingredients, including Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, and made by hand with love. Not to mention the gorgeous fresh, ylang ylang floral fragrance. What makes it so special? Every penny (yes, every single penny) that you pay for a pot, excluding the tax, goes to fund and support grassroots charities all around the world. You end up with softer, floral-scented skin AND you’re doing a world of good with every pot purchased.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “Smooth all over your body, taking extra care over your dry bits, like elbows, knees, and heels. With LUSH products a little goes a long way, so start with a little and use more if desired.”

What I love about this product? First of all, 100% of the price is donated for a particular cause. 100% — that’s something I can stand behind. Next, the ingredients are fresh as fresh can be and the formula is simply luscious. The texture is smooth and creamy without the heaviness that’s present in a lot of heavy butter lotions or creams. It manages to stay light even when it moisturizes like a heavy duty body cream. I use it all over my body after showering and my skin stays soft, smooth and smelling lightly of cocoa butter. For those that typically don’t like the scent of cocoa butter, this product may not sit well for you. The moisturizing power of this product is nothing short of impressive. I can still detect the scent of it on my skin after an entire day. And the state of my skin tells it all as well — not dry at all. To me, this is a lighter version of their Dream Cream.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing really. It’s quite affordable for the product itself and I really can’t be picky about the price since 100% of it goes to the charity on the tub container you are purchasing.

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

In one of MISSHA orders last year, I picked up a few hand creams they have on clearance to try them out. Today’s post is on one of them. Here’s MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey.

MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

At 70 ml, this lotion is handy enough to fit into your travel essentials. The front of the squeeze tube reads long lasting moisturizing effect derived from nature”.

The back of the bottle actually has Korean text, but there is a small silver square sticker with the product description and details in English. It states the following:

  • Containing manuka honey from New Zealand and sunflower extract, it keeps your skin healthy by providing abundant nutrients.
  • Containing MOIST 24™, it keeps your skin moisturized all day long.
  • It is well absorbed into your skin with fresh afterfeel and makes your hands soft without stickiness.

“DIRECTIONS: Apply an appropriate amount over the hands when you feel dry or after washing the hands.

CAUTION: For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.


Verdict? Not bad. The scent can be pretty strong for some, but it dissipates quickly. It is a light soapy scent that I can’t quite narrow it down to what it is. It smells very, very familiar. The hand cream itself is white, but not stark white. It’s more like a gel white, which has a little bit of translucent property to it. It goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does make my hands feel moisturized, but I’ve had various other hand lotions and creams that works better in that department. I find myself having to reapply more often. It’s not greasy at all and that gets a thumbs up in my book. I find that a lot of hand creams, rather than hand lotions, have a hard time finding that balance in terms of not falling into the too greasy bucket while being moisturizing.

I got this for a cool $3 online here when it was on this super sale or clearance last year. I see that it’s currently selling for $4.90.

Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System

Hey guys! Today’s blog post is on my take with a product that works pretty well in my opinion. I have been using this everyday for almost 2 months with decent results. Here’s Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System.

Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System

This hand care system consists of 3 parts: nourishing day cream, rejuvenating night cream and nail & cuticle pen. The front of the box packaging states the following: “FOR YOUNGER LOOKING HANDS”, “RevitaStim™ Active Complex with Olivem-1000, Peptides & Hyaluronic” and “Clinically Proven System* Results in just 2 weeks”. The back of the box packaging states the following: “The skin on your hands is as sensitive as the skin around your eyes. That’s why hands age so quickly and make you look older than you really are. But now you can fight back…Introducing Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care for Younger Looking Hands. America’s #1 hand model Ellen Sirot has developed this extraordinary collection specially formulated to help reverse the visible signs of aging and deliver radiantly youthful hands. The secret is the RevitaStim™ Active Complex which closely mimics to associate with your skin’s Natural Protective Barrier to help restore and maintain the appearance of youthful-looking hands. This complex contains these special ingredients:

  • Olivem-1000 developed from olive oil to help restore the protective moisture barrier and speed delivery of vital functional ingredients
  • Hyaluronic acid to help maintain moisture and elasticity
  • Shea Butter and Vitamins A, B, C and E to help condition the skin
  • Sunscreen SPF 15 in the Day Cream to help protect skin from sun damage

*Use the Hand Perfection system including Nourishing Day Cream in combination with the Rejuvenating Night Cream for hands you’ll love again!

Now Try our Nail & Cuticle Pen FREE. It’s clinically proven to significantly improve the look and feel of nails and cuticles in as little as 5 days and reduce tearing, splitting, peeling and cracking.”

The back of the nourishing day cream squeeze tube bottle states the following: “Introducing Hand Perfection! World famous hand model, Ellen Sirot, has devoted her life to maintaining perfectly flawless hands. Her secrets are now available for the first time in this extraordinary collection, specifically formulated to reverse the visible signs of aging, and deliver radiantly youthful hands.”

The 3-fold insert describes each product as following:

Nourishing Day Cream hydrates, conditions and moisturizes your hands all day. Massage a pearl-sized amount into your hands and instantly you’ll see brighter, more radiant looking hands with less crepiness and a smoother, softer texture. Also formulated with SPF 15 sunscreen to protect hands all day from further sun damage. And it doesn’t leave a greasy, sticky residue like other hand lotions.

Rejuvenating Night Cream works all night to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. With continued use, lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and skin texture is more even, plumper, softer and smoother. Hands are fuller and more youthful looking. And it won’t leave a greasy feel on your hands.

Nail and Cuticle Treatment Pen helps moisturize, soften and hydrate nails and cuticles. Nails are stronger and less prone to breakage and cuticles softer, smoother and less likely to crack and peel. The soft applicator can also be used to gently push back cuticles for a more beautiful look. It’s like a mini-mani on the go!

What I love about this product? I used the day and night cream everyday for 2 months. The weather was still chilly when I started and now it’s searing hot. The creams work really well in providing my hands with good moisture. I wash dishes everyday and launder some of my clothing by hand. Immediately after contact with hot water, my hands get really dry and starts going on the road to cracking if I don’t moisturize. With regular use, I no longer get that feel after coming in contact with hot water for a while. My hands feel like they’re on the dry side but definitely nothing like compared to before where cracks would start forming if I don’t moisturize immediately. For moisturizing, I give it a 10 for sure. A pearl-sized drop is recommended for each application and I find this pretty accurate unless my skin is very dry (then I would apply more as needed). I got cocky and skipped a week of usage and the old state of how my hands were started coming back. I first noticed it after washing dishes. The hot water stripped off all of my natural moisture and my hands are so dry that it feels like it’s going to start to form tiny cracks. I immediately grabbed the nourishing day cream tube and picked up where I left off with this regimen. The SPF 15 is just a bonus. Your face and hands are the most exposed part of the body to the sun, so this comes in handy in providing a little bit of protection to the lesser worried about part of those 2. I mean, we always hear about the importance of wearing something with SPF protection on our face so why not our hands as well? I don’t detect any smell at all really with the creams and they definitely do not leave me feeling greasy after use. I didn’t get to use the nail and cuticle treatment pen until 2 days ago and man, I realized I was missing out this whole time! After one day, I could see immediate improvement in my cuticles. No joke! They’re no longer dry, they look healthier and the tearing I would get occasionally is gone. It is easy to use and carry with you in your purse. The tip is a doe foot shaped sponge tip that helps with application smoothly. To dispense more of the product into the applicator, just push down on the silver button at the end of the pen for a clicking sound. Easy as pie!

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing really. For the price, this is a decent buy. I wish they came in more options in terms of size, but the current size offered is small enough to pack away and take with you anywhere. Shop wisely as there are other brands out there that are more affordable, but I can’t say how effective they are in getting your money’s worth. I may switch to another hand cream eventually when this runs out, but I know I’m definitely locked in to getting another nail & cuticle treatment pen once this one runs out.

This set retails for about $24.99 or for $14.99 each for the day and night hand creams and $9.99 for the nail & cuticle treatment pen. It is available on various local and online retailers.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Hey y’all! How were your holidays this year? I hope that everyone is having a blast with family and friends. Not to mention all the food and presents! It’s been a great holiday for me and I look forward to a brand new year soon. For the first time being in Oklahoma for the holidays….I experienced a white Christmas! And believe me, it was the first time that I didn’t mind the cold so much either. I’m just….happy. 🙂 And this brings us to today’s post. I know it’s a late one for the day, but I thought it’s an important one for everyone. With the cold weather, I find myself reaching over for my hand creams and lotions – whichever I can get my hands on really. Today’s post is on Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

The 2 oz / 56 g hand cream comes in an easy squeeze tube container with a screw top cap. The front text reads “fragrance free” and “just a dab heals dry skin” while the back of the product packaging states the following:

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream delivers effective relief for dry, chapped hands.

It is so concentrated that only a small amount instantly leaves even dry, cracked hands noticeably softer and smoother after just one application. Used daily, it helps prevent dry, chapped skin; used overnight, it heals dry skin – even under the harshest of conditions.

It started with Norwegian fishermen. Faced with some of the harshest, coldest weather on earth, they used a formula that delivers concentrated levels of glycerin to dry, chapped skin providing immediate and lasting relief. Five years of independent clinical testing confirmed what the fishermen knew all along – Norwegian Formula Hand Cream consistently outperformed other products. Today, the Norwegian Formula product line includes a variety of body, hand and foot moisturizers to meet your individual dry skin needs.

Just a little goes a long way. This 2 oz tube contains over 200 applications.”

What I love about this product? Neutrogena products have always been known to be of high quality and this is no exception. The hand cream is clear in color, gel-like really. Formula is smooth and not greasy at all, but very moisturizing. A little goes a long way. My tube is not even close to being done and I’ve used it about 40 times at least. Scent is nonexistent, which is great for everyone pretty much. I know a lot of people around me that prefers to have a good scent free moisturizer and have a hard time finding one. This product and others from the same line might just be the end of their search. It is reasonably priced and available at mass retailers nationwide.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing at all. This is definitely on my list to buy once I run out.

This product retails for about $5.49 and can easily be purchased in various retail and drugstores such as Walmart, Target, ULTA, CVS, and Walgreens. It is also available online at various websites that carry beauty and personal care products.

Influenster Summer VoxBox 2012

I was excited to have been selected to receive Influenster’s Summer VoxBox 2012. I haven’t been keeping up with others on what is in this round, so I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. This is a beauty themed VoxBox and that’s right up my alley! Here’s the contents of my Influenster Summer VoxBox 2012.

Influenster Summer VoxBox 2012

I think this is the VoxBox that is most in tune with me and what I do in this blog. Previous VoxBoxes were so-so or almost completely missed the mark. I have already tried the shampoo and conditioner as well as the nail and cuticles hand creme. I will end this entry by saying I LOVE this round of Influenster VoxBox!

*Products featured here are received complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.*

Curtain Call: Lifetherapy Everyday Handcreme Play

Finally, another one bites the dust yet again. Today’s Curtain Call entry features a hand cream that has been loved to to bits and tested to the last dollop. It has been tested actively by 3 people including me and sporadically by 2 others. I got this in a promo they had a while back and chose the scent in Play. They have 5 scents to choose from. Here’s our take on Lifetherapy Everyday Handcreme.

At 3.5 oz, this retails for $18 on their website. It’s pretty pricey for a tube of hand cream, but there are lots of other brands that are in the same price range. It comes in a brown standard squeeze tube packaging with a plastic screw top lid. The back of the tube shows the following:

choose your mood
everyday handcreme

be still…
your subconscious is talking to you.
lifetherapy believes your
mood is a choice, your feelings
are contagious and tehre has
never been another you.
discover your possibilities
through an assortment of mindful
products that evoke mood,
senses and infinite lifetherapy.

Lifetherapy Everyday Handcreme Play

Verdict? We all loved it. The formula is nice and smooth with just the right consistency. It’s not too thick or thin at all. The scent is heavenly. Play is described as a feminine and youthful fragrance with these words: “With notes of marsh grass, the sweetness of fresh jasmine and a burst of red orange to awaken your senses…the combination is at once feminine and endearing to anyone lucky enough to get close to you.” The whole tube lasted 3 regular and 2 sporadic users for about 2 months. Where it loses us a bit is the price tag. $18 is pretty steep for a 3.5 oz tube of hand cream to most regular Joe’s. Maybe as a splurge item or a treat once in a blue moon. It would make a really nice gift such as a hostess gift perhaps. It is only during those times I would allow myself to partake in this luxurious experience. Unless, of course, I can get this on a crazy sale or promo or something.

This product can be purchased at their website or at retail locations listed here.

Sally Hansen Manicure Set with White + Warren

Remember what I posted a few days ago about a Sally Hansen Manicure Set that comes free with a purchase of a pair of White + Warren Fingerless Gloves from their website (post here)? Here is a first-hand look at what this set actually entails!

Sally Hansen Manicure Set with White + Warren

Pretty nice, I would say. As previously mentioned, it comes with an Expert Nail File, Nailgrowth Miracle Serum, a Complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Red, and a Dry, Chapped Hand Cream. While I am excited to try these all out, I’m most eager to start with the Dry, Chapped Hand Cream. I’ve been using the ONE Natural Body Butter as a hand lotion/cream the past few days instead of the ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion. I just find the body butter more moisturizing than the hand lotion. I hope that the Sally Hansen one I’m about to try will rise for the occasion.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Sally Hansen Teams Up with White + Warren

I’ve been reading a lot of tweets in my feed that addresses dry hands during this winter season, even when I think it’s been a milder one compared to recent years! This info just came to me recently and it might be of interest to some of you.

EDIT: View set here.


Frigid weather doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to flawless hands. Nail authority Sally Hansen is teaming up with luxury cashmere designer White + Warran to offer consumers the warmth of beautiful gloves that they can slide their perfectly primped hands into. For a limited time, every consumer who purchases a pair of White + Warren Fingerless Gloves from the White + Warren website will receive a complimentary Sally Hansen Manicure Set filled with manicure must-haves.

White + Warren Fingerless Gloves

Sally Hansen Manicure Set

Protect your hands against the drying effects of cold winter weather with White + Warren’s luxe cashmere fingerless gloves, and beautify your nails with Sally Hansen’s ultimate manicure kit. The nail essentials set includes:

Expert Nail File – to help you achieve the perfect shape for your nails;

Nailgrowth Miracle Serum – for instantly softened and smoothed cuticles that resist dryness and damage as they grow;

Complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Red – an all-in-one formula that delivers base coat, vivid color, growth treatment, strengthener and top coat in one smooth polish;

Dry, Chapped Hand Cream – an ultra-moisturizing, gentle lotion that leaves hands touchably soft all season long

You can get this set free with the purchase from their website here.

ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion

I have had the opportunity to try this recently and I loved it! It couldn’t accompany me to my recent trip to Philly, but I’ve been using it ever since I got back. Another thumbs up from me for this brand! Here’s ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion.

ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion

The 8 fl oz / 236 ml hand and body lotion comes in an aluminum tube container. As y’all know by now, all ONE products boasts to have 100% recyclable packaging; from their cardboard boxes to the aluminum containers and packets. The hand and body lotion I received is in the fragrance Citrus spice and everything nice. The front text reads “for luminous skin”. Also spotted is the now familiar “One moment to enjoy * One less thing in a landfill * One life to live * One planet to preserve” logo forming a circular frame around the brand name on the center of the tube container.

Taken directly from the back of the product packaging:

DIRECTIONS: Use Citrus spice skin Hand & Body Lotion everyday to deliciously scent and soothe dry skin. Smooth over elbows, knees and all those overworked areas that tend to dry out. Created with moisturizing ingredients that smell as good as they feel. Citrus spice Hand & Body Lotion work like magic!

ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion (out of packaging)

ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion (back of tube)

What I love about this product? Product is not very greasy at all even when it’s not as watery compared to lotions from other popular brands. It has the consistency and feel of a cross between lotion and cream. It leaves no residue and moisturizes really well. I followed the directions and my skin is moisturized instantly. The smell is not what I expected it to be. I was expecting something along the lines of lemons and oranges, but I got something like citrus and ginger instead. It’s invigorating. You might want to keep that in mind when purchasing since there are several other fragrances to choose from.

What I don’t like about this product? The aluminum tube container. When I opened the aluminum screw cap off, the neck of the tube has grooves that helps guide the cap when screwing it shut. It gave me the impression that I could accidentally hurt my fingers one day touching the aluminum grooves. I’m sure they’ve tested this product packaging many, many times that it’s actually very safe. NOTE: I did NOT run my fingers over it to test that. It just gave me that feeling, that’s all. *shrug* The tube itself is something I have to get used to as well. I’m used to the traditional plastic bottles or whatever other material they use for tubes like this….just not aluminum. Going past the product packaging is the price point. It’s slightly higher than a lot of the common popular store and name brands, but I don’t think it’s too much for the niche this brand is in. Compare it to their other competitors and price isn’t really a huge factor.

Another bonus? These have the scratch and sniff feature located on the top flap of the cardboard box packaging, as shown below.

ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion (scratch & sniff)

It retails for $8.99 and is available at Target and ULTA stores nationwide,,, and

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*