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frank body Original Coffee Scrub

Well, well, well. The heat has become slightly (HAHA! says everyone else but I like being warm and warmer weather) oppressive now since it’s the middle of summer. I decided to give something I got this from my ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag a try. Here’s my take on the frank body Original Coffee Scrub.

frank body Original Coffee Scrub

What I love about this product? I love the scent. Unless you hate coffee scent, this smells so good to me. I’m not a coffee drinker but I LOVE the scent of coffee and this makes the whole experience lovely. Using this the best way possible is to get your body wet then turn off the shower and then rubbing a little bit of the product onto your body. I decided to go wild and wanted it to feel luxurious so I used the entire bag in 2 showers. I like the scrubbiness although if you have sensitive skin this is probably not for you. My body feels clean and refreshed with the lingering scent of coffee that fades eventually. Ingredient list is as natural and you can get for a coffee scrub.

What I don’t like about this product? Honestly, I do find the leftover residue a little more oily than I’d like. You can definitely skip the lotion when using this.

More information on this item is available on their website here. Products from this brand is carried by selected online retailers such as


ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my ipsy bag a few days ago but didn’t get around to posting about it until today. I’ve been very busy with work and with snail mailing these days that I had to put some things off. Here’s what I got in my ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag.

ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag

This month’s makeup bag is actually in a print that I don’t really care for but I’m drawn to it a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Like….I actually LOVE this print. Go figure. It’s bright, bold and cute that I surprisingly fell in love with it. The first item that caught my eye is the ColourPop Cosmetics Crème Gel Liner. The shade I got this in is called Swerve. It looks to be a black shade. I’m toying with the idea of keeping it but we’ll see. I don’t use makeup that much to begin with and I use it even less now than compared to a year ago. Next item that caught my eye is the Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks Blush. While I like these sample size makeup items, I already own too many blushes for my own good so I’m looking to passing this onto someone else that will put it to good use. The nice tube packaging item turned out to be Hey Honey 24Seven: Day & Night Moisturizing Cream. I’m excited about this one as I’m constantly trying to find something better than what I’m currently using for a facial cream/moisturizer. Next up is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow. The shade I got is called Lounge. Lounge is one of the prettiest duochrome eye shadow shades I’ve ever owned. I think this one’s a keeper even when I don’t wear eyeshadow at all. I’ll use it randomly when I feel like it. Last up is the frank body Original Coffee Scrub. I find this product interesting and can’t wait to try it out. I just have concerns with clogging up the shower plumbing. I’ll definitely blog about this one later on.

ColourPop Cosmetics Crème Gel Liner

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks Blush

Hey Honey 24Seven: Day & Night Moisturizing Cream

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

frank body Original Coffee Scrub

I love this month’s bag that I can’t wait to see the design for next month! They’ve been churning out good ones lately.