things that Kitty likes


Butter London Blowing Raspberries
Butter London Branwen’s Feather**
Butter London Chimney Sweep
Butter London Come To Bed Red
Butter London Fairy Lights
Butter London Fishwife***
Butter London Knees Up**
Butter London Posh Bird**
Butter London Royal Navy
Butter London Scouse***
Butter London Tart With A Heart***
Butter London Thames**
Butter London The Full Monty
Butter London Two Fingered Salute*
China Glaze Crystal Ball
China Glaze Don’t Be A Square
China Glaze Fireside Glow
China Glaze Grape Crush
China Glaze Visit Me In Prism
Deborah Lippmann Constant Craving
Deborah Lippmann Envy Me*
Deborah Lippmann Holiday**
Deborah Lippmann Love Shack
Deborah Lippmann Pop Life
Deborah Lippmann Sweet Spot*
Del Sol Diva
Del Sol Flirt
Del Sol Foxy
Del Sol Heartbreaker
Del Sol Island Fever
Del Sol Secret Crush
Del Sol Sleigh Ride
Del Sol Spike
Essie Tour De Finance
GOSH Gasoline
GOSH Rainbow
Hard Candy Zombie
KOH Blue Universe***
Make Up Store Britt**
Make Up Store Greta**
Make Up Store Lava**
Make Up Store Linnea**
Make Up Store Madeleine**
Make Up Store Siw**
Make Up Store Sophie**
Milani Hot Metal
Milani Melt With U
Milani Meltdown
Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glastonbury
Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Reading
Nicole by OPI A Gold Winter’s Night
Nicole by OPI All Is Glam, All Is Bright
Nicole by OPI Amethyst
Nicole by OPI Aquamarine
Nicole by OPI Canadian Star
Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle
Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve
Nicole by OPI Keeping Up With Santa
Nicole by OPI Kissed At Midnight
Nicole by OPI Mer-maid For Each Other
Nicole by OPI Opal
Nicole by OPI Quartz
Nicole by OPI Scarlett
Nicole by OPI She’s Lily Something
Nicole by OPI What’s The Mitch-uation?
Nfu Oh #37-60 clear base flakies (no shimmer in it and except #38, #40 and #51)**
Nfu Oh #61-66**
OPI Black Tie Optional
OPI Glacier Bay Blues
OPI La Boheme
OPI Man Of La Mancha
OPI Metallic 4 Life
OPI Movin’ Out
OPI Save Me
Orly It’s Electric
Orly Sunglasses At Night
Ozotic Multichrome 508
Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani
Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bangin
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
Rescue Beauty Lounge Cherry Love
Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm
Rescue Beauty Lounge Frugalista
Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato
Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco
Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie
Rescue Beauty Lounge Under The Stars
Sinful Colors UFO
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Can Can**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Cha Cha Cha**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Flamenco**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Fox Trot**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Hula**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Jazz**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Lambada**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Salsa**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Samba**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Tango**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Twist**
Speciallita Mundo de Dancas Valsa**
Strange Beautiful Dickensian Volume
Strange Beautiful Volume 1
Strange Beautiful Volume 2

* indicates degree of lemming

If you want to swap with me even if you have none of what I’m lemming for, feel free to email me still at and I’ll see what I can do! I usually I have lots of nail polishes that I’ve ordered from nail e-tailers only to end up not liking the color even just looking at the bottle. I have some that are swatched once and lots that are brand new (some I even have multiples of!), which I scored from sales and clearances (how can I resist if the price is right?). My list of what’s available is here.