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Zoya 4 Free 2017

Here we go again! Why not start this year with a bang? Today is the last day for this deal! Considering what you get, it’s a really good deal. I have some of their lipsticks and I can’t wait to get more! Code is ZOYA4!

Zoya 4 Free 2017

Promotional shipping & processing is $15 OR spend over $30 and get FREE Shipping! This deal is valid also for Canadian orders but note that an international processing fee will apply. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing if volume warrants it.

This comes out to $3.75 per item if you just get the 4 free, which is a STEAL! Which shades are you getting?!


Zoya Whispers Low Saturation Neutral Promo

Hey there! I’ve been busy still with stuff in my life so I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. But, I do try to squeeze some posts on reviews in as well as some deals. Zoya has something going on now that works out to be a pretty good deal to me. Check it out!

Zoya Whispers Low Saturation Neutral Promo

The free kit is a nice set in my opinion. Zoya’s next deal will probably be for Easter then Earth Day unless they are cooking something up for Valentine’s.

Zoya 4 Free 2016

Here we go again! It started yesterday and will run until January 13, 2016. Get any 3 Zoya nail polishes for FREE with code 4YOU. Only expense will be $15 in shipping, which is a great deal considering they retail at $9 – $10 each.

Zoya 4 Free 2016

Promotional shipping is $15 OR spend over $55 and get FREE Shipping! Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing if volume warrants it.

This comes out to $3.75 per shade, which is a STEAL! Which shades are you getting?!

Zoya Whispers Collection

This collection just showed up on my doorstep today! While I’m not a huge fan of more muted colors for Spring, it is a welcome departure from the bold Holiday shades (you know, all that glitter and jewel toned shades). It’s like a palate cleanser for nails really. Here are the details of this collection.

Zoya Whispers Collection April Handshot



Zoya Whispers Collection

Experience color serenity with this muted and tranquil palette of transitional nail neutrals.

Zoya Whispers Collection

· Cala – ZP823: A soft nude with a kiss of warmth that will flatter most skin tones.
· April – ZP824: A light, rosy toned neutral that is a modern take on blush.
· Eastyn – ZP825: A subtle grayed grape that is more interesting than mauve and gives a modern alternative that is ever so wearable.
· Misty – ZP827: An easy to wear taupe that is an updated version of gray with just a touch of green to make it daring.
· Ireland – ZP826: A uniquely wearable green that is muted enough to make it subtle yet still interesting. This green is well balanced between blue & yellow so it’s flattering on all skin tones.
· Lake – ZP828: A softened blue that gives the effect of serene water with just a hint of vibrancy to preserve its luminosity.

Zoya Whispers Collection

Zoya Whispers Collection Lake

$9 (US)
Available in top salons, spas and on

**BIG5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

Zoya Free For Fall Promo

If you’ve been meaning to pick up some Zoya nail polishes….now’s a good time!

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Full details of promotion and nail shades in this offer are located on their website here.

Which shades are you thinking of getting? I see a few that would make great Holiday stocking stuffers already. I’m glad to see some shades from the newer collections being offered too! If you need help with what some of these actually look like, I blogged about some of them before here. Aggie and Edyta are the definite must-haves for me in that list. With that said, HAPPY SHOPPING!