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NYX Butter Gloss Éclair

While digging through my purse I found a gem that I’ve been using on and off randomly that I got from my ipsy June 2014 Glam Bag. Here’s what I think of NYX Butter Gloss Éclair.

NYX Butter Gloss Éclair

NYX Butter Gloss Éclair (in shade)

NYX Butter Gloss Éclair (direct sunlight)

NYX Butter Gloss Éclair (with flash)

What I love about this product? Oooh! Yum, yum! The scent of this product is light with a touch of sweetness. It’s almost like strawberry vanilla or something. It makes me think of strawberries and cream and cupcakes. The shade itself is pretty light when applied on as a gloss with the doe foot applicator. Éclair is a pale pink shade that makes me think of words like “dusty rose” and “vintage”. It is not sticky like some lip glosses, so that’s a huge relief for me. I don’t expect much staying power from this being that it’s a gloss so the wear is normal to me compared to other lip glosses. Applying it a little thicker makes the color of the product more prominent but it’s not opaque by any means. Swatches shown above are one swipe and two swipes from left to right. The shot taken under the shade isn’t as accurate as the under direct sunlight one and the one with flash due to change in lighting.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing at all! This brand is fairly easy to find and purchase and the quality is pretty good for the price.

More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here.

Walmart Spring 2017 Beauty Box

So I actually almost forgot I have this beauty box subscription until an email asked if I wanted to switch it up for something special or stay with whatever setting I have already made in my account. I didn’t want to mess with it so I opted to just stay with my current setting. This popped in my mailbox about a week ago. Here’s what I got in my Walmart Spring 2017 Beauty Box.

Walmart Spring 2017 Beauty Box

Overall, pretty good stuff. In fact, as soon as I saw the lip product I knew that I had to give it to my sister from another mister Renuky. 🙂 It became part of her flip book goodies, which by the way is so much fun to make and hers is the first one I’ve given out so far. I made one for her birthday. 🙂 The shade seems light enough to suit her especially with it being a lip gloss. The first thing I’m trying out is the whitening toothpaste as we’ve been using regular whitening toothpaste and I’m not really seeing any difference so it’s time to change it up!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Moisturizing Conditioner

Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials Antiperspirant

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine

Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub

Colgate Optic White Radiant Toothpaste

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultra Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Stay tuned for reviews on most of these items!

ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag

Happy Sunday! I got this in about a week ago but didn’t get around to taking pictures until this weekend. It’s not a bad start of the year with ipsy! Here’s my take on the ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag.

ipsy January 2017 Glam Bag

The bag is something out of the box for me. It grew on me though and I can’t wait to use it. It’s the material mostly but it grew on me more by now and it kinda looks sporty! First item that caught my eye is the -417 Hand Moisturizer. I haven’t used it yet but I’m a sucker for hand creams and moisturizers especially at this time of the year. Next up is the Pretty Woman Nail Polish. The shade I got this in is called I Can’t Deal. It looks to me like a greige type of shade, not really my thing but I know someone who would look good with this shade. Then we have the Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. The shade I got this in is LIGHT/MEDIUM, which I think it the right one for me. I don’t use this type of product much but BB creams can be worn alone like a moisturizer, if I remember right, so I’ll give it a shot as such. Next we have the Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss. The shade I got this in is called Method To The Madness. It looks to be a pretty coral shade but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this or not. As I said many times in my past ipsy Glam Bag posts, I have too many lip products open already. Last up is The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers. I’m glad that I got this in my bag as everything about the product caught my eye — the packaging, the color, the item itself and more. I found out that it’s a brand that didn’t originate in the US, so I’m glad for the opportunity to try something from them. I will be putting these to the test tonight!

-417 Hand Moisturizer

Pretty Woman Nail Polish

Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers

Overall, not bad! Next month is Valentine’s Day month and I think they usually do something around that theme for the bag. I’m really excited to see what it may be!

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Hey guys! I’m off to a great start so far for this weekend but I wanted to share my thoughts on something I’ve tried a few times recently. Today’s post is on something I got from my ipsy September 2016 Glam Bag. Here’s Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (in box)

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

What I love about this product? I love that the packaging is easy to carry around and stash it in my purse. This is basically an iridescent lip gloss that gives you slight plumping that’s of a more natural look. I love how glossy the finish is on the lips. It’s slightly sticky on the lips — definitely not as sticky as other glosses I’ve used. The first time I used this product, I tested it on the right side of my lips to compare if it really does anything. It immediately started tingling and it’s not just a minty type of tingle. It actually has a pain level to it but nothing I couldn’t endure. What is surprising is that sensation lasted for about 7 minutes on me. It didn’t show much plumping really in my opinion but my right side of the lips are definitely redder (from the stinging I imagine). I guess the effect is really subtle. Everyone’s pain threshold is different so what is stinging to me might be really painful or not at all to others. I think this is what I commonly read on what people have to say about it. Be careful not to get it anywhere else as it does sting too when it comes into contact with your skin (I went over my lip line once and that area reddened immediately). I personally like the smell, which is strawberry-ish with a hit of vanilla or something.

What I don’t like about this product? I wish that it would last longer on the lips. The formula is the kind that wears off easily and fast. The science behind it to me is that the stinging is basically the reason why the lip plumps up with use. I personally don’t care for that. Plus, this one stings more than others I’ve sampled in the past with less visible results. I’ll use this one I have until it’s all gone but I personally won’t be purchasing it.

More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here. Products from this brand is carried at other retailers too as seen listed here.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all doing great today! I’ve taken a short break away from posting due to real life stuff but I’m back now in the swing of things. I have a lot to share in such a short amount of time so I’ll get right on it. I was sent the Borghese 9-piece Skincare + Color Collection Set for review a few months back and here’s my take on the Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Glosses

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Glosses (lighting changed)

What I love about this product? It comes beautifully packaged in a standard type of tube container with a doe foot applicator that lip glosses come in. The lids are a beautiful ombre shade. I love it. The formula for this is surprisingly not as sticky as I thought it would be. There is a slight tackiness to it but definitely not much compared to lip glosses from other brands that comes in a similar tube packaging. I personally don’t find the shades too sparkly but I enjoy quite a bit of sparkle more than anyone I know. The shades I got are Simmer and Spark. Both are light in color so it’s a true gloss per se. See swatches below in different lighting (I apologize in advance for the in shade shot….it’s the only clear shot I was able to get in that lighting and it leans very red). These lasted on me for hours even when sipping water quite often.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss Simmer and Spark (in shade)

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss Simmer and Spark (lighting changed)

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss Simmer and Spark (with flash)

What I don’t like about this product? If I have to be really picky….maybe how much shimmer it has? I mean, I don’t care — I use this at work and stuff but I know my friends and co-workers shy away from any sign of shimmer — especially when at work. It’s not very subtle compared to some other lip glosses I’ve tried that has some shimmer. I personally find the shimmer nice as it “brightens” up my face sort of.

More information on this item and other things the brand offers is available on their website here.