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DEWYTREE Moisture Charging Collagen Cream

Even though Spring will be here very soon, I am still knee deep in with my winter skincare products. The weather a few days ago got quite cold and made me glad that I do have skincare products that suits such conditions. My skin is therefore protected and unaffected by the crazy swing in temperatures we may have during winters. Today’s blog post is on the DEWYTREE Moisture Charging Collagen Cream.

DEWYTREE Moisture Charging Collagen Cream

What I love about this product? This is another random find from TJMaxx that was on clearance for $6. I was actually on the look out for an essence or serum but found this for a steal instead. The text on the box states “Hydrolyzed collagen, peptides and nourishing ingredients promote skin elasticity and revitalize.” and “DIRECTIONS: After essence water or emulsion, simply apply to the face and pat gently for better absorption.” The scent isn’t too strong in my opinion but it is very much there. It smells like what a face cream should smell like to me. I know it’s not very descriptive enough to be helpful but I like it. The cream is flesh colored and on the thick side but very easy to apply onto the face. I do find that my skin absorbs this decently well. It keeps my face well moisturized overnight and/or all through the day. I use this everyday in my AM and PM skincare routine for about 4 months now and like it a lot.

What I don’t like about this product? I don’t have a regular source for this here within the US. Since I got this from TJMaxx, the stock there is very random. If I ever see this again there, I would gladly snap it up for a reasonable price.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.