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A’pieu White Milk One-Pack Face Mask

Happy Friday! I’ve been a little busy with stuff as I get back into the groove after being off for 3 weeks. It felt a bit short even though it was literally 3 weeks. It was a busy 2 weeks or so, which I guess made it feel like I took barely any time off. Our son started back up with school with no problems at all and I got to see one of my dearest friends that I consider a sister recently. Today’s post is on a fun sheet mask that caught my eye in my most recent TJMaxx trip. Here’s what I think of the A’pieu White Milk One-Pack Face Mask.

A’pieu White Milk One-Pack Face Mask

First thoughts? I picked up a box of 10 of these as it caught my eye last week. I was out with my husband for date night (dropped the kiddo off at Parent’s Night Out hosted by his preschool) and we stopped by TJMaxx after dinner as it was close by. The cute packaging caught my eye, not gonna lie. I love how it looks like a legit milk box — very, very cute in my book. I was really excited about this and hoping that it will not smell like the KWAILNARA Strawberry Milk Vitalizing Mask being that this is a milk sheet mask like that one. Well, the scent does remind me of it unfortunately BUT it is not as bad. There is a note in the scent that I found to be artificial and repulsive. It was pretty bad with the other sheet mask I’ve used before but not this time. This actually encouraged me to give the KWAILNARA strawberry one a try again. The essence is milky white and not as viscous as that of most brands I’ve tried, which isn’t surprising for a milky type essence. My skin looks dewy and nicely hydrated after use.

A’pieu White Milk One-Pack Face Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? While I couldn’t tolerate the similar scent in another brand’s sheet mask, I definitely could with this one. I’m pleased with how moisturizing it is and how nourished it makes my face feel that it’s a winner. I’ll be looking out for these whenever I go to TJMaxx.

More information on this brand and their other products is available on their sites here and here.


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