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DERMAL Collagen Essence Mask

I’m finally on the last few sheet mask reviews for a while. I have almost gone through all of those I have on hand and I will start blogging about other types of beauty products I’ve been using over last year. But for now, here’s what I think of the DERMAL Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? The scent of this sheet mask is one that have been used in other DERMAL sheet masks for sure. It’s one that I would describe as clean but generic scent for bath and body products. There’s several ones that fall in this category and this one smells like one of them. I don’t think negatively of this scent at all and it dissipates within a few seconds after having it on my face. I actually had this on after my shower and application of a FTE on my face. I had it on as I finished up getting dressed and on the car ride to several furniture stores in the city. I took it off when we were a few minutes away from our first destination. I used my handheld fan to dry what is left over on my face. It dried down beautifully and my face looked bright and well-hydrated. I was able to apply my face moisturizer before I hopped out of the car. I actually enjoyed having it on my face during the car ride as it seems to be a wise use of my time and it did make the car ride more relaxing for me. I then applied sunscreen after a few minutes of the moisturizer being fully absorbed into my face.

DERMAL Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Nothing at all really. The scent was pleasant enough and I had a good sheet masking experience with it. I’ll use the same one from my other set later on to fully determine if this a repurchase item for me or not.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.


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