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DERMAL Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask

Ah, Fall is definitely in the air. Aside from occasional cooler temps, all the Fall fan food favorites are out. Costco has a ton of pumpkin pies instead of their standard tres leches and tuxedo cakes in the open fridge section (I don’t know what they’re really called but y’all know what I mean) and of course Starbucks is out with the ever-so-popular PSL. Wanting a little something fun and different, I picked this sheet mask out from the handful that my son chose a month ago or so (he selected about 10 from this set of 39 and we’re down to the last 2 of his picks). Here’s my thoughts on the DERMAL Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? Like one of the more recent sheet masks I’ve tried, the scent of this one stands out to me, so I’ll cover that first. The first thing I thought of is jelly followed by candy. The scent is pretty potent in my opinion but I only get a whiff of it here and there after a minute of slapping the sheet mask onto my face. I don’t find the scent bothersome but if it had lingered and was stronger, I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep it on. The essence in this one is more watery than all the ones I’ve tried from this brand so far. The sheet mask was literally dripping with essence when I took it out of the packet – something I haven’t really experienced from any sheet mask from this brand. Because of that, I was so excited to see how this one dries down after use. I dripped every bit of the essence that I could on the under eye area. It feels very cooling and luxurious on my face. It does feel luxurious but in all honesty the word that came to mind aside from cooling was delicious. :p Part of it is due to the scent, I’m sure. I kept it on until it was dry to the touch and rubbed whatever is leftover on the sheet mask onto my arms, elbows and tops of my feet. Sure enough, it dries down beautifully. No stickiness, no tackiness, nothing at all. I took whatever essence is left in the packet and patted it onto my face before applying my face moisturizer.

DERMAL Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? If the scent had lingered and had been any stronger, that would definitely land this in the never to repurchase again category. But it didn’t and being that it dried down so beautifully combined with the relaxing sheet masking experience this one brings, it’s a definite repurchase in my book.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.