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MEDIHEAL Vital Firming Mask

It’s Fri-YAY! Writing that just makes me think of our sweet puppy dog that passed away a few months before our son was born. He loved and lived for Fridays. He knew what it meant….late nights hanging out with us, sleeping in on the weekend and just having us around more during the day. Anyway, let’s not dwell much more on that topic as it’s a very sad topic that hurts my heart to this day still. I miss him a lot. Even though the weather has continued to cool slightly every few days, we still get some days that reminds us of summer. I’m looking for a sheet mask to relax with at the end of such a day and this fits the bill. Here’s my take on the MEDIHEAL Vital Firming Mask.

MEDIHEAL Vital Firming Mask

First thoughts? This came in a combo pack on Amazon here for $14.99 but I got it for $9.74 before taxes on Prime Day. It’s a great price for 12 sheet masks if you like them. The sheet mask is on the thin side and looks translucent holding onto the essence from the packet. It could benefit with another cut in the sheet mask on the side of the face for a better fit for everyone. One can adjust it more that way and keep the sheet mask flush to the face. I kept it on until it is dry to the touch – which is over an hour! I had to wait even longer for it to dry down more but it never really did completely to my liking. My face is left feeling not just tacky to the touch but actually sticky. I sealed it off by tapping on my face moisturizer (not rub….I definitely do not want to rub the stickiness around on my face) on and calling it a night. My skin did look hydrated, plump and dewy after use and into the next morning.

MEDIHEAL Vital Firming Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Aside from leaving my face sticky, the scent reminds me of some perfume that is familiar but I can’t quite pinpoint which one it is. I do like the scent as a perfume though but not on a sheet mask on my face. While it wasn’t strong enough to prevent me from using it this time, it didn’t enhance my sheet masking experience or add to it like lightly scented ones that I like do. With so many other sheet masks that I like from this brand, I’d be hard-pressed to repurchase this.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.


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