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DERMAL Pomegranate Collagen Essence Mask

Almost all the Halloween decorations are up! I put most of it up last Saturday morning. I didn’t put batteries in the battery operated ones yet though. I figured I’d wait until October at least for that. The weather was nice that day and our son was able to play with the neighborhood kids a little bit. I had our son pick out between 2 different sheet masks on which one I should use and write a review on next. So today’s post is on the DERMAL Pomegranate Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Pomegranate Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? This is one of the 39 sheet masks in a set that I got on Amazon during the last Prime Day. I feel like this packet has a little bit less essence. Or maybe my skin was thirstier that day that I had to actually drip in most of the leftover onto my face with the mask still on that there’s none left really to keep for the next day. The sheet mask fits my face well and the cotton material is pretty thick, as with the other kinds of sheet masks I’ve tried from this brand. I left it on for a long time — until the sheet mask felt mostly dry to the touch. My face seemed a bit brighter immediately after use. The scent is light and fruity. I find it pleasant so it’s not noticeable at all when I had the sheet mask on. I love how this dries down so well. Most of the ones I’ve tried from this brand does. It’s not sticky at all and just ever-so-slightly tacky that laying my face moisturizer or sunscreen over it solves that problem.

DERMAL Pomegranate Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Nothing I can think of really. It does the job but nothing stands out about this particular sheet mask. Lately, all the DERMAL sheet masks I’ve tried have been giving me problems in the scent department though. So this one is a winner compared to all those.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.


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