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DERMAL Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask

Today marks the start of another new work week. Preschool is in full swing for my little one and work is very busy for me until the end of this month. I find slapping on a sheet mask at the end of a long day quite relaxing, so there’s no slowing down in blog posts from me on this topic for now! Here’s today’s post on the DERMAL Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? First of all, vegetable placenta?! What is that? A quick online search shows that this is indeed something legit but finding out exactly what it is isn’t as straightforward. I saw several other hair and skincare products featuring this ingredient. On the back of this packet I spotted this “3. It contains abundant nutrition of Vegetable Placenta which is extracted from leaf of damiana thus it provides tired skin deep moisture to keep the skin fresh and bright.” Found a description on Damiana Leaf on Mountain Rose Herbs: “Turnera diffusa is a woody shrub with small green leaves and aromatic, yellow flowers. Its range extends from Southern Texas to South America and east to the Caribbean. Our organic damiana leaf is harvested in the mountains of Mexico where it has traditionally been infused to make damiana tea. Damiana is known for its healthful properties and amorous spirit. The leaves can be used in tea blends, herbal smoking mixtures, infused into a sweet liquor, or macerated as damiana extract.” This is one of the 39 sheet masks in this set that I got from Amazon. Like the others I’ve tried from this brand, there is a decent amount essence in the packet even after removing the sheet mask. After putting on the sheet mask, I actually lifted it a little bit on the forehead edge to drip some of the essence in the packet and seal it back up. I also dripped some in the under eye area where I am able to lift the sheet mask slightly. The sheet mask fits my face pretty well but to make it fit even better I rip it a little bit on both sides of the eye area towards the nose. This enables the sheet mask to lay flush against my face in that area. I left it on for as long as it took to feel dry to the touch — a good 40 minutes. It felt cooling and very moisturizing the entire time it was on. After I took it off, my face does seem brighter and plumper.

DERMAL Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Only one thing that stood out to me as a negative — the scent. It smells like some soap or shampoo and it did not sit well with me. I really wish that sheet masks forgo scent but sometimes when it’s good it completes the entire sheet masking experience. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of this scent and while it wasn’t overpowering….I still don’t like it so I will not be repurchasing this one.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.