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MEDIHEAL Vita Clear Ampoule Mask

How is September going for you guys? I’m about to get ready to break out my Halloween decorations. I know it’s a bit early still, but I hate feeling rushed when it’s late October cause I couldn’t find time to do it earlier. The neighborhood kids do enjoy seeing them too, so having them out a bit longer is nice. As the weather cools down, my skincare needs tend to change. As the length of sun exposure lessens, I tend to switch to products that are sensitive to sun exposure as it’s the best time to use them up. Falling into this category for me, today’s post is on the MEDIHEAL Vita Clear Ampoule Mask.

MEDIHEAL Vita Clear Ampoule Mask

First thoughts? I got this (set of 10) on the last Amazon Prime Day as it was going for $10.43 before taxes. What stood out to me when I was about to use it was the name of the sheet mask. I typically see “essence” or “serum” mentioned in the packet description but this is the first one I’ve encountered that states “ampoule” instead. For those that don’t know what an ampoule is in relation to essences and serums, they are a more potent formulation of those. This sheet mask fits my face pretty well and it immediately cooled my face as soon as I put it on. I left it on until the sheet mask felt mostly dry to the touch. I did feel that my skin looked brighter and there was some glow that wasn’t there before, but that could just be the leftover ampoule on my face reflecting the light in the bathroom. It dries down pretty well after a few minutes, so this is leaves my skin feeling less tacky than most other MEDIHEAL sheet masks. The scent is nothing worth mentioning with the exception that thank goodness it doesn’t smell of citrus in the vein of furniture polish or even dish washing detergent. If it had, it would be an automatic deal breaker for me. Well, if it smelled like the furniture polish kind of citrus that is. It’s not and while I’m not a fan, I don’t find it offensive either so I guess I’m neutral about it. The ingredient list is pretty nice as it has some fruit extracts among other good stuff. I try not to use citrus extract products during the summer as I need to limit sun exposure more when using those. Don’t get me wrong, I do still use them sometimes during Spring and Summer, but I have to be mindful of sunscreen use and I can just not think about it around Fall to Winter.

MEDIHEAL Vita Clear Ampoule Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Honestly, nothing except for maybe this is one of the lesser liked MEDIHEAL sheet masks I’ve tried. While I do like how it dries down, it didn’t do much compared to the others I’ve tried from this brand. With so many sheet masks to choose from, I will not be repurchasing this unless it goes on sale for half price at least.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.