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MEDIHEAL W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask EX

As today winds down, I am grateful for that extra day to relax and rejuvenate. Weekends always feel so short. In addition to that, this means that the upcoming work week is a short one. I am looking forward to the next weekend already. Yesterday, I asked my husband to pick which MEDIHEAL mask in a set of 5 that I should use. Today’s post is on his pick, the MEDIHEAL W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask EX.

MEDIHEAL W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask EX

First thoughts? Also known as MEDIHEAL W.H.P White Hydrating Charcoal Mask EX, this is one of the 5 kind sheet masks (4 of each kind) in a set that I got on Amazon during the last Prime Day. At that time, the set was $24.50 before taxes — which is a steal. Optionally, if you just want this mask you can get it in a set of 10 here. The sheet mask itself is black in color and the cloth like material is very soft, unlike the cloth like ones from other brands I’ve tried. Other MEDIHEAL sheet masks I’ve tried have the thin, translucent kind of material. Their website states “Niacinamide and Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract help improve skin tone while the “Aqua Seal” (Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, and Xylitol) delivers an abundance of moisture to the skin. Processed with Binchotan Charcoal, the sheet material delivers therapeutic far infrared rays and negative anions to the skin, which help to relieve skin stress and restore energy.” I left this on for over 30 minutes on my face and the sheet mask was still damp. I usually leave sheet masks on until they’re dry to the touch but I had somewhere to be. I just rubbed what’s leftover on the sheet mask onto my arms. There is still a decent amount of essence left in the packet that I can use in the essence or serum step of my daily skincare routine. It left my face moisturized and the best thing of all is that it dries down really well, more than most other MEDIHEAL masks I’ve tried. It doesn’t leave me with a tacky feel when touching my face. The scent is pleasantly faint once the sheet mask is on the face. It kind of reminds me of a floral scented shampoo. I didn’t notice nor expected miracles with this in terms of brightening.

MEDIHEAL W.H.P White Hydrating Black Mask EX (details on back)

Any negatives? Nothing I can think of really. If the scent was stronger or even if it lingered then I wouldn’t have been able to keep it on my face for as long as I did. The scent of the majority of the sheet masks I’ve tried dissipates a lot when the sheet mask is applied onto my face just like this one.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.