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DERMAL Aqua Collagen Essence Mask

Okay….so this is a first solid no from me for a DERMAL sheet mask. And it’s not because it sucks, really. It’s just based on personal preference. I’m just gonna get to it with today’s post. Here are my thoughts on the DERMAL Aqua Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Aqua Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? This is one of the 39 sheet masks in a set that my son picked out what order for me to use them up. There is a generous amount of essence in the packet even after removing the sheet mask, which is common with this brand it seems. While the sheet mask fits my face well, I have made one adjustment to it to fit my face even better. I make 2 slight tears on both sides of the nose part where the inner corner of my eyes are. This enables the sheet mask to sit flatter in that area as opposed to just hanging off my face. Now every single part of the mask is laying flush to my face. After I take off the mask as it is dry to the touch, I noticed that it leaves my face feeling slightly tacky. I let it air dry and it did dry more but it still feels more tacky than the other DERMAL sheet masks I’ve tried to date. It’s not a big deal as it dries down far better than sheet masks from many other brands. I use a moisturizer after using a sheet mask anyway and that seals that tacky feeling away. My face looks plump and hydrated after use. Not bad!

DERMAL Aqua Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Now, here is the deal-breaker for me: the scent. It is pretty strong and it is a scent that makes me think of some perfume or soap. I can kind of see why they chose it for this sheet mask as it can fit a nautical type of scent per se. I know that description is very generic but I dislike that scent, which is why I mentioned it is for a personal reason this sheet mask is a solid no for me. Even if they make the scent super light, I don’t like it. I dislike it so much that had it been any stronger I wouldn’t have been able to have it for as long as I did on my face. I even made sure I used up all the essence by dripping the rest of it on my face when the sheet mask was still on. It is on my never to repurchase list. If you do enjoy that kind of scent though then you might not mind and find this sheet mask enjoyable.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.