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DERMAL Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask

How fast time flies by. It will be Fall here shortly. While I prefer summer, it simply gets too hot here. But I would rather be around this weather for shorter winters. I’ve lived in the East Coast and the length of time the cool weather lasts there drives me insane. I guess I never adapted to it being that I was born and raised in a tropical country by the equator. At the very least I am thankful that it is not humid where I am. A good way to cool off with minimal effort is using a sheet mask. Here’s today’s post on the DERMAL Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask.

DERMAL Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask

First thoughts? This is one of the 39 sheet masks in a set that I got on Amazon during the last Prime Day. Like the others I’ve tried from this brand, there is a lot of essence in the packet even after removing the sheet mask. I’ve used the leftover essence at least 2 more times in my skincare routine after the toner step. This sheet mask fits my face well and the cotton material is pretty thick, as with the other kinds of sheet masks I’ve tried from this brand. I left it on for a long time — until the sheet mask felt mostly dry to the touch. I didn’t notice any added effects aside from the usual of my skin feeling hydrated and pleasant after use of a sheet mask. The scent is not what I expected of a grapefruit skin care product but at the time I’m writing this blog post I realized that it’s honey grapefruit (not plain old, sour grapefruit), so maybe that’s why.

DERMAL Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask (details on back)

Any negatives? Nothing I can think of really. It does the job but if I were to evaluate which 5 sheet masks from this brand I’d repurchase, this would not be on the list. It’s based on the sole reason that there’s nothing about it that makes it stand out for me.

More information on this brand and their other products is available here.


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