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Zoya Cosmic Pop Collection

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a good week so far. The weekend’s basically here! I made a post a few days ago on the Zoya Cosmic Pop Collection swatches and today’s post is supplemental to that. I didn’t include these shots of swatches made on a nail wheel that includes application of the shades in the collection over black. It’s not really something new but it’s one of the applications of glitter shades for me. Layering it over black or any dark shade really shows how versatile they can be.

I have swatched all these in the order listed. From left is 3 thin coats of shades from the Zoya Cosmic Pop Collection followed by one generous coat of that over one coat of black. The black shade I used is the first I grabbed, which is Zoya Raven. All swatches shown are with no top coat.

Zoya Celestia, Polaris, Eradani

They are simply stunning over black, especially the first 2 shades. I can see Celestia and Polaris being used over many different dark shades producing beautiful, sexy looks. Eradani, while it looks good over black like the 2 other shades, doesn’t have the same punch in my opinion. I love these shades by itself with just one coat, with it build up in several coats and over black. This set is so versatile and you can make many looks with this such as an accent finger or even some simple nail art like applying a thin layer diagonally over the nails or just on the tips like a french mani. The ability to wear any of the shades (especially Celestia or Polaris) alone for a day event or applying them over black (or another dark shade) for a night out is like basically getting 2 shades in one.

As mentioned in my previous post on this collection, the description of all 3 shades includes the caption that they “can be worn plain as a soft semi-textured finish or paired with a high-density top coat like Ultra Glossy Seal to create a high-shine and smooth finish to encapsulate the texture.”

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

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