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Mont Bleu Glass Foot File – Foot Scraper & Callus Remover

Hey y’all! Today’s post is on a product I was sent for review about a year ago. It is shameful that while I’ve used the other items I’ve received, I never bothered to touch this one until a few days ago. The results were so astounding that I just have to write about it here now. Here’s my thoughts on the Mont Bleu Glass Foot File – Foot Scraper & Callus Remover.

Mont Bleu Foot Scraper & Callus Remover

Verdict? WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! It looks so unassuming and I thought it’s a product that’s nice to have but there’s no real need for it. I was so, SO wrong. I have some rough, dry spots on my feet especially on the heels. I wash them clean and moisturize everyday but I still have a few rough, dry bits just hanging around. I resorted to using a pumice stone and while it did help….my trouser socks still snag on them. When I run my hands over my heels, I can feel the prickle of the small, dry bits of skin sticking out. As I reached for a glass nail file to smooth my nails, I saw this next to them and thought to myself “Hey, I haven’t tried that yet! I wonder how well it works?!” The foot file boasts to be an “all in one Glass Foot File” on their website. The glass file itself is thicker and bigger in size than most glass nail files, which makes sense. Our feet are bigger after all. One side has a rougher (yet smooth) texture and the other side is fine and velvety like most glass nail files. I started with the rougher side and gently worked on my heels. I didn’t think much of it as I was doing this while catching up on one of my Investigation Discovery shows. When I looked down, I saw the powdery filing and oh my goodness! My heel was so soft! No rough spots! No snagging on delicate fabric like silk! I finished up the other heel and then both feet with the finer side of this glass file. That side is just like what you would expect from a glass nail file. It’s a few days after I used it and my heels don’t snag on my trouser socks anymore. I hope to be able to keep them this way as long as I can but it’s good to know that I have this glass foot file to turn to when the tough gets going. I’m actually eager to pick up a few to give as gifts to friends and family. It comes in a protective plastic sleeve and costs 16,00 € or $19 – $20 depending on the exchange rate.

Mont Bleu Foot Scraper & Callus Remover (in case)

I’ve heard that Czech glass files are the best in the world and so far it’s living up to its reputation. Cleaning this is very easy, I just wash it under warm water with my fingers. They have many different products with different colors and designs to choose from that there’s something for everyone! The one I got has the “Silver Cracks” design in Black. More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here. You can also shop for some of their products on Amazon here. For their wholesale website on partnering with them, information is available on this website here.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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