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Curtain Call: Lierac Paris Mesolift Serum

Hey guys! Only 6 more days to Christmas! Have you all finished your holiday shopping yet? I am! I did most of it online this year. It’s just so much more convenient. Anyway, today’s post is another edition of Curtain Call. I got this product from either an Amazon beauty bag or from ULTA. I didn’t get a chance to try it until recently. Here’s my take on the Lierac Paris Mesolift Serum.

Lierac Paris Mesolift Serum

Stated from their website:

    A concentrate of radiance containing 15% mesolift cocktail, enriched with blood-orange extract, for an immediate and universal “pick-me-up” effect: all skin types, all ages, all seasons.

What I love about this product? This is one of the best facial serums I’ve ever used and I say that with using it in such a short time frame too (I typically review a product like this after use of about 2 months to really cover its true effectiveness). It is not sticky at all and absorbs pretty quickly onto my face. It leaves my face nicely plump and soft. I do feel like my skin looks like it’s glowing somewhat with use. I did experience a warming sensation with use but it’s not bothersome to me. Like with other facial products, I take it as “THIS PRODUCT IS WORKING!”. I think it might be the high vitamin C content? Not really sure. This small tube lasted about a week and a half or so. I just apply a few drops of it onto my face after washing it both day and night. I didn’t care for the scent at all though but it doesn’t linger really and it’s quite light to begin with.

What I don’t like about this product? Probably the price. 1 fl oz of this goes for $60 on their website. I’m debating whether to purchase this or not still. I just might with how I feel about this product.

More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here.


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