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CoTZ Face

Summer is right around the corner. I wish I paid more attention to this item I’m reviewing today. It actually worked really well for me! Today’s post is on a product I got from my ipsy May 2015 Glam Bag. Here’s my thoughts on CoTZ Face.


What I love about this product? The formulation I got this in is Natural SPF 40. The scent is what is expected from a sunscreen product although not strong at all. I usually dislike the scent anywhere near my face when it’s strong but I didn’t notice this shortly after applying it onto my face after I have my moisturizer on. I applied a thin even layer over my entire face except for the eye area and lips. The formula is of good consistency, making product application really easy and nice. It’s light and airy — fluffy almost like some mousse dessert or something. It does dry fast and is matte in finish. I was a little worried as the color of the product was darker than my skintone but it blended onto my face really well. I originally thought this was a face cream and used it on top of a serum but it worked just fine. The matte formula is a huge bonus as my face, especially my forehead, is usually oily by the afternoon on a regular day. None of that with the use of this! 🙂 The best thing is it doesn’t feel heavy on my face at all! I hate how my face feels when using heavy face creams and most sunscreens.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing at all! It is priced fairly I think for something that I really love using! I can’t wait to get more when I run out. I think this might be my go-to sunscreen for my face from now on!

More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here.


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