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Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Hey guys! I’m off to a great start so far for this weekend but I wanted to share my thoughts on something I’ve tried a few times recently. Today’s post is on something I got from my ipsy September 2016 Glam Bag. Here’s Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (in box)

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

What I love about this product? I love that the packaging is easy to carry around and stash it in my purse. This is basically an iridescent lip gloss that gives you slight plumping that’s of a more natural look. I love how glossy the finish is on the lips. It’s slightly sticky on the lips — definitely not as sticky as other glosses I’ve used. The first time I used this product, I tested it on the right side of my lips to compare if it really does anything. It immediately started tingling and it’s not just a minty type of tingle. It actually has a pain level to it but nothing I couldn’t endure. What is surprising is that sensation lasted for about 7 minutes on me. It didn’t show much plumping really in my opinion but my right side of the lips are definitely redder (from the stinging I imagine). I guess the effect is really subtle. Everyone’s pain threshold is different so what is stinging to me might be really painful or not at all to others. I think this is what I commonly read on what people have to say about it. Be careful not to get it anywhere else as it does sting too when it comes into contact with your skin (I went over my lip line once and that area reddened immediately). I personally like the smell, which is strawberry-ish with a hit of vanilla or something.

What I don’t like about this product? I wish that it would last longer on the lips. The formula is the kind that wears off easily and fast. The science behind it to me is that the stinging is basically the reason why the lip plumps up with use. I personally don’t care for that. Plus, this one stings more than others I’ve sampled in the past with less visible results. I’ll use this one I have until it’s all gone but I personally won’t be purchasing it.

More information on this item and other products the brand carries is available on their website here. Products from this brand is carried at other retailers too as seen listed here.


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