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Hair One Jojoba Hair Cleanser Conditioner For Color Treated Hair

Hey guys! Today’s post is on an item I got from my Sally Beauty Box. Here’s my take on the Hair One Jojoba Hair Cleanser Conditioner For Color Treated Hair.

Hair One Jojoba Hair Cleanser Conditioner For Color Treated Hair

What I love about this product? It’s a decent cleansing conditioner really. While my hair is not color treated, I used it daily until the bottle ran out with no problems. The formula is almost like the lightest pink in color. The scent is a pleasant one that is very familiar to my nose. It’s slightly sweet but clean. I kept thinking I’ve smelled it before with another shampoo or conditioner but can’t quite figure out which one it is. The consistency is almost like that of some thicker hair conditioners. It comes out slightly gloopy — like in blobs — rather than silky smooth, which is what some other hair conditioners are like. It coats my hair nicely and I don’t have any tangles at all. That’s really good with my almost waist length hair.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing really. It’s nice and it does the job. I’m actually eager to see what other items this brand produces. Looking it up online, it seems like it’s a line from Sally Beauty itself and it’s being compared to being an alternative to the brand Wen. Reviews are mixed on this as half of them love it because it’s a cheaper alternative for the expensive brand Wen and it delivers the same effect while the other half found it drying and some mentioned hair breakage and hair loss (from various kinds of Hair One Hair Cleaner Conditioner products). Some even mentioned about greasiness. While I didn’t encounter any of those symptoms, please be aware that others have had that experience. Everyone’s body chemistry (referring to the scalp) and hair is different so I am not really surprised that such thing does happen (but I am surprised of how many of these instances there are I guess).

More information on this item and other products from this brand is available on the Sally Beauty Supply website here. Products from this brand is carried in Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide.


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