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Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice break with the holiday festivities. I’m still on vacation so I can’t really complain. Today’s post is on something I’ve been testing the past few weeks now. Here’s my take on Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®.

Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa®

I was sent this for review and initially was confused why I needed several pairs of the same thing. Well, they’re not the same thing is why! Pedi-Sox® comes in several different lines: Original, Lite, Ultra and Spa Deluxe (not shown here). The Original is described as “A great design for all types of feet. A heavier weight thick cotton blend. Triple weave body for cozy warmth and cushion. Flat weave fore portion for foot comfort.” The Lite – California Weight is described as “A lighter weight material that hugs & caresses the foot. Fun spring time colors and designs. Perfect for year round usage and warmer climates where the heavier weight material may be too ample.” The Ultra is described as “Luxuriate…..”Extend the Pleasure of the Pedicure Experience™”. Rich caressing luxury stylish & contemporary yarns for cozy goodness…. Ultra Soft for comfy pleasure…..playful, exotic, spontaneous designs…..and Ultra Massaging to soften skin deliciously. Ultra Pedi-Sox™ Ultra Luxury.” And lastly, the Spa Deluxe is described as “Designed for Premier Spas’s Worldwide Elegant European Design with amazing Stretch, Fit, Feel and Comfort. Indulgent Inner Terry Loop – For a Subtle Massage Effect. Knit using Italian Knitting Machines with Breathable Cotton Blend Hydrotech® Threads that have a Hollow Core. Hollow Core Threads Absorb and Hold Treatment Serums & Creams…..then Gradually Release for Softer Smoother Skin.”

Pedi-Sox® Original, Lite and Ultra

The Original one I got is in Denim. The material is pretty thick and sturdy while soft at the same time. The Lite one I got is in B & W Polka Dot. This is the print that first caught my eye. It looked so cute and I thought of cows. The material is thinner and lighter than the Original one. The Ultra one I got is in Baby Leopard print. I feel that the material is thicker than the Lite but softer. It feels like the most luxurious out of the 3 I got.

SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate

The SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate goes well with these neat socks. They do lock in moisture well and is perfect for Winter. I am actually using it right now while wearing the Ultra Pedi-Sox® in Baby Leopard print from the Ultra line. It helps soften the dry skin I get on my heels. The formula is nice and thick like a cream. It is white in color and the smell is light and clean.

While I do love the idea of having toe-less socks while painting my toes, I find it uncomfortable to use for this purpose. I suppose it’s something I have to get used to eventually so I don’t see it as a negative really. It felt a little awkward to me as I am used to not having anything on while painting my toenails. It does keep my feet warm and I’ve actually been using it more as socks at home. I use it everyday right now as my feet gets cold this time of the year and I have picked up the habit of applying lotion to my feet to keep it moisturized and soft. I do think that it gives a pampering effect that is perfect in salon settings or having a pampering get-together with friends that includes painting your toenails.

The Original Pedi-Sox® is priced at $9 while the Lite version is $7 and the Ultra version is $11. The Spa Deluxe rings in at $16. I don’t think the price is too unreasonable at all as it is a pampering type of product and you’re only going to need a pair (or two). The SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate goes for $14 for a 2 oz tube or $30 for the 8 oz tube. While the SofSpa® Softening Cream Concentrate works well with the Pedi-Sox®, feel free to use any body or foot lotion or cream you have on hand instead. I think what you’re really after is in the Pedi-Sox® itself more than the SofSpa® products.

Pedi-Sox® and SofSpa® products are available on their website and at various salons in the US and Canada listed here.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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