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I have recently been given the opportunity to review some laser-cut wood jewelry from and I had a hard time narrowing it down to the 3 pairs of earrings I picked in the end. I had to get my husband involved in what to get cause once I got on their website, they have a huge assortment of earrings that I simply cannot narrow it down to just 3 pairs of earrings! Here are what I ended up with from them. Earrings

I honestly didn’t expect these to blow me away but once I saw them in person that’s exactly what happened. The detail and finesse in these wood earrings are simply awesome. These left me in awe and I was so excited to try them out. The colors are vivid and they’re all very well made. Little Hoot Owl Earrings Tree Leaf Blossoms Earrings Kinetic Gear Earrings

The first one that caught my eye is the Little Hoot Owl ones. They’re just so cute and I figured I’d pick a simple design in case the more elaborate ones don’t turn out as good. The Tree Leaf Blossoms ones were my husband’s pick. The gears in the last pair shown above moves! I was tickled pink with this! I wore this a few days ago to work and I got compliments and questions on it. One was distracted by it and apologized for that. She said my earrings caught her eye and she loved how it looks. They even have pendants and light switch plates with gears that move — how cool! They feel very light when worn and my long hair didn’t really get caught much at all with any of these (even the Kinetic Gear ones!). I was a little worried about that initially. Do note that the dye they use in these pieces are water based (I read it on one page of their website). I only know this because I was washing my face and a drop of water splashed onto my Kinetic Gear ones and I wiped it off with a tissue paper. The tissue paper blotted the liquid up and it was red in color.

Other pairs of earrings I’ve considered are the Long Flower Earrings and the Gear Clock Earrings. A lot of their designs comes in different colors too! I wish I came across them sooner as these make the perfect unique gifts for my friends. I’m already all done with my Holiday shopping but in case you’re not this is a great option that won’t break the bank. Just check their website to see how fast they ship (you can email them to ask about it in case the info is not there) and you’re all set!

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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