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KERANIQUE® Clean & Condition Set

Hey guys! Today’s blog post is on something else I got from iFabbo recently. I was given the opportunity to try it and I used it for a little over 3 weeks. Here’s my take on the KERANIQUE® Clean & Condition Set.

KERANIQUE® Clean Condition Set

The product comes in typical packaging for shampoo and conditioner bottles. This set is described as the following on their website:

The foundation for thicker, fuller looking hair. The Clean & Condition Set is specially formulated to gently clean and stimulate the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Shampoo description on the website: Designed to gently deep clean and stimulate the scalp to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Conditioner description on the website: This volume-boosting cream-gel conditioner is designed specifically to help thicken and volumize thin, fine hair – without weighing the hair down like traditional heavy conditioners.

What I love about this product? First, the products have a mint scent to them but it’s so light that it’s pleasant. In fact, if it wasn’t for a very mild cooling sensation that typically comes with mint scented and/or formulated products I wouldn’t have noticed it at all. This is a nice feature for me as most mint scented products I’ve tried are so strong with that herb that I find it too overpowering along with the amplified cooling sensation it comes with. Don’t get me wrong, it can be nice but there’s a reason why I like taking hot showers. I typically don’t use mint scented bath products when the weather is cooler. When it’s summer though, I welcome it with open arms. With that said, I won’t hesitate using this set year round due to the fact that the “mintiness” in these are toned down. There’s still enough to give you a slightly cooling or minty feel along with leaving hair squeaky clean. Speaking of squeaky clean, the shampoo leaves my hair feeling just that (more than I thought it would). It makes sense though as oils weigh hair down and the insert that came with this set boasts of giving added volume to hair. I didn’t notice any added volume with the first use and thought it was a bust honestly. But after using it the second day, I definitely noticed my hair has more volume after coming home from work. I was stashing clean laundry away and happen to pass by the bathroom mirror where I noticed that my hair has more lift and volume. It would be practically flat at that time of the day. The only difference is that I started using this set. I was impressed from that point onward. I used both the shampoo and conditioner when trying this set out and that means the conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down like how most conditioners do. The insert mentions about thicker hair along with hair being healthier and younger-looking…..and while I can see healthier and younger-looking, I can’t really say I have thicker hair from using this. I will say that it can give the illusion of having thicker hair due to the added volume. If that’s what their claim is with regards to that then I will say that it’s true.

What I don’t like about this product? While I do like this set, there are 2 things that were downers for me: 1) It’s partly my fault but I thought that the products from this brand would give me results that I have come to expect from hair care products with keratin — super smooth and silky hair and 2) The price — this set retails for $79.95 or $34.95 each. I can look past #1 as that assumption I have was based on my use in the past of hair products with keratin but #2 is harder as there is a huge market out there for products like this. It’s just a matter of finding out what works for you to give you what you want (like with this its volume). Even though the bottles are on the large size of 8 fl oz / 240 ml, a lot of other shampoo and conditioner brands with decent formula available in mass retailers and specialty stores are a fraction of that. It’s also a little weird cause if you purchase the 2 items separately on their website then the total would be $69.90……cheaper than getting it as a set for $79.95 although the set has a sale going on or something right now that it’s reduced by $30 for a total of $49.95.

Individually, they retail for $34.95 each. As a set, it retails for $79.95. These items are available on their website.

*Products featured here are received complimentary to test through iFabbo’s program. #keraniquehair #iFabboMember*

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