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C.O. Bigelow Fruit Extract Body Scrub

Hey guys! It’s almost the weekend again! I’ve been using some stuff I’ve had stashed for a while. Here’s my take on the C.O. Bigelow Fruit Extract Body Scrub.

C.O. Bigelow Fruit Extract Body Scrub

What I love about this product? I got this a long time ago from a Bath & Body Works sale. I love body scrubs especially sugar based ones. This is not a sugar one but it’s still great. It’s slightly less scrubby than a sugar one, which is great for those with sensitive skin. I’m not quite sure what the scrubbiness is in this as the ingredient label is gone but I certainly am looking forward to getting some of the current scents they have online like the Lemon Sugar one. The scent of this one is lightly of fruit in general. I can’t wait to check out the variety at my local Bath & Body Works store next time I stop by. My skin is left smooth and oh so soft after just one use. My skin is fully exfoliated without it being left dry. It’s not oily at all and produces some bubbles but not a lot. It’s the perfect balance really for a sugar scrub.

What I don’t like about this product? Consistency is a little weird to me as it’s on the gloopy side. It makes me think of some thick batter during baking or oatmeal. But as long as it does the job then it’s a keeper. Do note that I don’t think this exact product is still in production but they offer other similar items still.

Similar items are available on their website and you can purchase some of them at your local Bath & Body Works stores.


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