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Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment

Hey guys! Today’s post is on something I’ve had for almost a year now. I was wary about it but it was on sale so I thought why not try it. I’m sure glad I did. Here’s my take on the Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment.

At 50 ml / 0.5 fl oz, this retailed for around $5. It’s also not something widely offered here unlike similar products from other competitor brands. You can get this in a set with the Bee Venom Super Serum and Bee Venom Eye for a better value. This product is described as the following:

“Visibly reduces the look of spots in just 3 hours*. Smooth a thin layer over blemishes twice daily to help reduce the appearance of spots. 15ml.

*Based on a clinical study”

Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment

Verdict? I don’t really know if they discontinued this particular product or what but it works for me. I didn’t have high expectations for it really but I decided one day to start using it when I had a huge random pimple show up on my face. It actually shrank the pimple overnight so I got excited and applied it again during the day. What I didn’t realize is that it can be quite drying (I didn’t bother to read the instructions or ingredients so I didn’t give it any second thought really but hello salicylic acid!) so it kinda flaked up on the problem area a little (but I don’t mind this really — I’m in a “Die, pimple, die!” mode). The flakiness isn’t horrible at all (I barely noticed it) but do keep that in mind when using this. The formula is a clear gel basically and the tube has a small tip on the end for easy targeted application. It works on most of the pimples I’ve had so far and some pimples just fade away if I catch them early enough and apply this on them. I gave one to my niece as a small part of her skincare aspect Holiday gift last year and she asked me where I got it cause she’s running out. I looked it up online but it seems like it’s gone. No worries though, AVON still carries stuff from Clearskin and there’s a product that seems really similar to it so I plunked down some dough to get her several tubes as well as a facial wash from the same line. I mentioned to her that if she finds it drying (the face wash) then just cut back the use on that and use something else on those days.

The newer version of this product can easily be purchased on their website here or through your local AVON representative.


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