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Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I’m so glad it’s Friday tomorrow! I’m ready for the long weekend already. Today’s post is on a product that I’ve used a few times recently and am eager to share with y’all my thoughts on it. Here’s my take on the Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask.

Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask

What I love about this product? I got this from my recent Target Summer 2015 Beauty Box #2. It’s a full-sized hair mask that I got really excited about to try. The scent is Honey Apricot. I only applied this to my hair from the ends to avoid the roots. My scalp tends to be on the greasier side so I try to avoid conditioning it unless it’s my used-to-be-weekly deep conditioning with coconut oil. The product comes in a squeeze tube and is very light caramel in color. I leave it on for a few minutes and wash it out. It does the trick in detangling but I feel like it does weigh my hair down a little bit after I wash it out and let my hair air dry.

What I don’t like about this product? The scent. I hated the scent on first use. I actually thought right then that I will never use this again as the scent is something I just can’t stand. It sounded really good but it just smelled so wrong to me on so many levels. It made me think of spoiling milk or dairy product. I decided to give it another try the second time around so I concentrated when I sniffed it. My first thought was it smelled lightly of the cereal Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops but there’s a note to it that just didn’t sit well on me. I also thought of an old woman’s perfume for a split second before detecting the light scent of honey — but it’s not the sweet honey I have come to expect from most bath products. I don’t know. I’ve looked this up online to see what other people have said about this in terms of the scent in particular and most of them love it while a few of them disliked it like I did. I even thought maybe it’s because my beauty box was sitting in the mailbox for a few hours under the hot sun the day it was delivered but none of the other products in the beauty box changed in terms of scent (none of them smelled off). And a lot of beauty products are made to withstand such temperatures as they anticipate this during their product research and testing. In addition to that, I don’t really feel that it’s any better in conditioning my hair than other conditioners or hair masks I’ve used and that’s disappointing since I really liked the Clairol Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo from the same line.

This item is available in various drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.


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