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May Island Donkey Milk Skin Masks

Hey guys! Hope y’all are having a productive Saturday! Today’s agenda for me includes some hiking and good food. It’s always fun to see and spend time with family so it’s been a blast. Today’s post covers my thoughts on May Island Donkey Milk Skin Masks.

May Island Donkey Milk Skin Masks

What I love about this product? I got these 2 from my recent Beauteque May 2015 Beauty Bag. After reading about snail essence in a good amount of Korean beauty products, I wasn’t surprised with the donkey milk angle at all. With that said, I put both to the test on different days and while I’m not sold on it….it’s worth trying it out to see if it’s for you. The suggested directions of use on the mask packet is as follows: “After cleansing and cleaning skin texture, take out a sheet and stick it to the whole face evenly. In 15-20 minutes remove the sheet and pat the remains on the skin to be absorbed. It is OK to apply the remains to the body after use.” I double checked this set of instructions against the one I have from the insert in my Beauteque post back in May and that was actually a little bit clearer as it mentions the steps instead of just jumping to the last step. I used the cleanser (step 1) on my damp face. It’s ever so slightly gritty and it has a lemony smell to me. Then I followed it up with the ampoule (step 2) after cleansing. This one smells like clean soap. I then ripped open the mask part to apply it onto my face (step 3). Speaking of ripping, I find it helpful to use scissors as the product packaging material is quite durable even with markers already made to indicate where to tear on the packet for each step. By step 3, I just carefully used a pair of scissors to free the mask (it gets a little messier as you go on) since I was getting stuff everywhere (leftover drippings from step 2) at this point. The mask itself doesn’t feel flimsy at all like what I’ve seen sometimes from other brands I’ve tried in the past. I had some product left in the step 3 compartment that I just dabbed on after removing the mask, as the directions have suggested. It’s quite wet and slightly sticky but it dried fast for me. I didn’t experience anything noticeable but the packet does say “Tip: It is the most effective way possible to use the produce successively for 4 weeks in due consideration of a skin turnover cycle.” If you have 4 weeks to spare and have access to this, I say it’s worth a shot in trying it. But as for me, I won’t be purchasing more of this.

What I don’t like about this product? Like I already mentioned, it didn’t really do anything for me so I’m not going out of my way to look for this product. There are plenty of masks out there that possibly have a more competitive price point that are more accessible to me.

This item is available on some online retailers.


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