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Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel

Happy Wednesday! This post is very late in the day but I got really busy with stuff in general. It is on something I’ve tested on and off for a while now. Here’s Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel.

Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel

This is described on their website with the following:

“The clear winner for everyday grooming, this light to medium-hold gel is paired with a bristle brush that whips brows right in line. The overall effect? A fuller, more polished look. It’s great on its own, or layered over other Milani brow beautifiers.”

As mentioned before in my post on the Milani Brow Shaping Clear Wax, I don’t use anything for my eyebrows usually. I never got into that. I know they’re big right now (I see “eyebrows on fleek” a lot on IG) but mine are tattooed on anyway. This is very simple to use though and it does make a difference on how my brows look. I just apply the product, which is a clear gel, in upward strokes along the same direction of hair growth. I do find the feel of this more pleasant than the brow wax and I also found that I like how this works better as well. I never liked the feel of the brow wax (the tacky feeling makes it feel heavy), so this is the perfect alternative for me. Careful not to apply too much product as it can make your eyebrow hairs feel a little stiff or crunchy even. Think of how hair gel feels when you apply a lot in one spot on your hair and it dries. I’ve only had this problem once when I tried to see what would happen if I loaded up on this. Even then, it’s not as stiff or crunchy as I thought it would be. Still, remember that moderation is key.

This retails for $4.49 each and is available wherever Milani is sold. Otherwise, try nabbing it online on their website.

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