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Reviva Labs Eye Gelee Concentrate

Hey y’all! Today’s blog post is on what I’ve been using for the past few weeks now. Here’s my take on the Reviva Labs Eye Gelee Concentrate.

Reviva Labs Eye Gelee Concentrate

This eye concentrate (or sometimes I call it a serum) comes in a small glass container with a pump to dispense the product. This is described on their website with the following: “Exceptionally light gelee nourishes the eye area with collagen, herbal extracts, elastin and mucopolysaccharides to combat puffiness. Special herbal extracts help reduce puffiness under eyes – while elastin, collagen & mucopolysaccharides fight dryness light lines. Daytime use is suggested.”

The back of the bottle states the following directions: “Pat in lightly under eyes, from outer eye area to nose.”

What I love about this product? It has no noticeable scent to it and a little goes a long way. The formula of this eye concentrate is light as it is a transparent gel. The 1 oz / 28 g container will last me for at good while as it’s been a few days shy of a month of me using this and I have more than 3/4 of the product left in the bottle. It is very easy to apply and I use it on my under eye and around the outer corner of my eye area nightly as suggested. It gives a slight cooling feeling and absorbs very quickly into the skin. I do think it helps reduce puffiness partially because of the cooling feeling I get from the gel formula. I’ve used it during the day as well but just randomly since the suggested use is for nighttime. I’ve learned to apply gently pressure to the pump bottle to avoid getting excess product. I accidentally got too much product the first 2 times and didn’t want to waste it so I just dabbed all of it on. After a few hours my husband was trying to get something off my face and I looked at the mirror to see a wisp of white strip like a thread of some sort is the best I can describe it. Basically when there’s too much product applied in one area, it will peel off so to speak and it actually looks like peeling skin from when one gets a sunburn. That only happened to me on those 2 days when I applied too much of the product on and I figured out then what it was. One side of the bottle states clearly “No Animal Testing”.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing really. As with all eye products, definitely avoid getting this in your eye. I accidentally did one time and my left eye started watering because of a slight stinging sensation. It goes away after I washed it out though. I still think I prefer the previous 2 eye products I’ve tried from them: Reviva Labs Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum and Reviva Labs Eye Complex Firming Cream.

This item retails for about $11 and is available on their website as well as on other retailers.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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