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Nasoya Pasta Zero

Hey guys! Today’s post is on a food item I got from my Influenster Blossom VoxBox 2015. Y’all know how excited I get when it comes to edible items! Here’s my take on the Nasoya Pasta Zero.

Nasoya Pasta Zero

The Influenster insert boasts about this product: “Nasoya Pasta Zero noodles are traditional Japanese shirataki noodles that have only 15 calories and 4 grams of carbs per serving! They easily absorb the delicious flavors you cook with…and will save you about 200 calories versus a single serving of pasta!”

Nasoya Pasta Zero with my marinara sauce

Verdict? This product comes in sturdy plastic packaging that I used a pair of scissors to open. First thing I did was look at the nutritional information. It feeds 2 at 15 calories per serving. Ha! I can eat the entire bag and not feel guilty! I read the preparation instructions and proceeded to rinse the noodles thoroughly. I then heated my skillet and added a tiny amount of hot garlic oil and pan-fried it for about 2 minutes as suggested. I then added a good amount of my homemade marinara sauce and tossed in a good amount of cherry tomatoes. I turned the heat off after the first cherry tomato split open and left the skillet on the heating element still for a few more minutes. I gently poked the rest of the cherry tomatoes to get them to split open and then tasted it. I tried this product earlier with the marinara sauce recipe posted on their site but I felt that I needed stronger flavors and more texture difference to get past the earthy taste and the chewiness I noticed. I still tasted a little bit of that earthy taste that I added a dash of my favorite hot sauce, Tabasco. That with the texture difference that the cherry tomatoes bring made it finally enjoyable to consume. I’m not gonna sugar coat what I thought of it in my first try with this — I didn’t like it at all. I tasted the earthy taste (which I find to be strong) and I didn’t like the texture at all. But armed with that information, the second time around was a breeze. It was actually pleasant that I enjoyed what I ate and I definitely feel full! I was very surprised at how filling it was. I honestly thought that I’d end up eating something else after that with the small amount of food. I’m willing to try this product again in recipes where the flavors are strong and there are other ingredients that boosts textural difference from the pasta.

A single 8 oz pack retails for $2.29 or so and is available at major retailers. To learn more about the brand and their offerings, visit their website here, where you can check out what other products they have!

*Products featured here are received complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.*


2 responses

  1. wow I need to look the pasta up…im on a major heart health diet

    June 23, 2015 at 4:55 AM

    • It’s the taste that you have to get past initially. I read some other reviews and once they got more used to it a few times they notice the taste of the pasta less. A strong flavor would help with that for sure.

      July 1, 2015 at 11:03 PM

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