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Hey Honey Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I didn’t do much really — just got caught up with all the household chores and went to 2 different Bath & Body Works to get the pocketbacs I wanted. One of my favorites is Hey Honeybun and only of the stores had it so we ended up going to 2 of them. I’m already looking forward to this weekend just to get the regular week chores knocked out of the way so I can relax. Today’s post is a review on something I got from my ipsy April 2015 Glam Bag. It was the perfect size to give it a whirl for a complete review in a few weeks. Here’s Hey Honey Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum.

Hey Honey Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum

What I love about this product? The scent is relatively light and smells pleasant. I do detect the smell of honey but it’s light. There’s something else in it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I know that dogs seem to notice it as they love licking my face when I have this on. This serum is comparable to a slightly more watery face moisturizer to me. It spreads very easily and doesn’t take too long to fully absorb into my skin. The feeling it leaves on my skin is best described as what I feel if I apply makeup primer on. I makes my skin so soft and smooth. I’ve used this for about 3 weeks now and I like it. I use it in the mornings only, but it does recommend to be used both day and night either by itself or under your day or night cream.

What I don’t like about this product? If I have to be extremely picky, the fact that this has no SPF and the price. I think making this with SPF protection would be justified for the price it’s being sold at. $41 for an ounce (description on website says 1.2 oz but the product shot shows 1 oz) seems pricey. You definitely could try justifying it as being both a makeup primer and moisturizer.

This item is available on their online store here.


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