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Nature Republic By Flower Vivid Tint Bar

Today’s review is on an item from my recent Beauteque May 2015 Beauty Bag. This is the very first thing I tried. Here’s Nature Republic By Flower Vivid Tint Bar.

Nature Republic By Flower Vivid Tint Bar

Nature Republic By Flower Vivid Tint Bar (opened)

What I love about this product? First thing is the packaging. I thought it was cute but the melon on the cap also make me think of the forever alone guy, which I thought was funny. This is one of the 2 items I got to pick the scent or flavor for without knowing what product it’s for and I chose Melon. It smells good like what you would expect from a melon fragranced item. It doesn’t have a flavor to me. The product is light green in color but it changes color when it comes into contact with your lips. It has a pink tint to it. I’ve never really encountered color changing lip balms so this is a first for me. In fact, I was scratching my head trying to remember when did I apply lip color to my lips before using this lip balm because the tip of the lip balm has pink spots on the edges. It was only when I looked it up online that I read someone saying it’s a color changing lip balm. SPF 15 is a nice bonus.

What I don’t like about this product? It goes on the lips smoothly but there’s nothing more to it than that for me. I don’t find it very moisturizing or anything. It’s pricier than lip balms I can get here.

This item is available on their website here as well as other online retailers and local stores where Korean cosmetics can be found.


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  1. used pedicure chairs

    I love this lip tint! I love its smell and that it has spf 15. 🙂

    May 21, 2015 at 2:59 AM

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