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Curtain Call: Bath & Body Works Body Butter

Today’s segment of Curtain Call covers another product from one of my favorite brands, Bath & Body Works. Here’s my take on Bath & Body Works Body Butter.

At 7 oz / 200 g, this retailed at $14 or so at Bath & Body Works stores and online. It goes on sale from time to time and you can score this for less with coupons they send out occasionally. I’m not sure if they still make body butters or if it’s just a seasonal item. But it’s a good buy especially when they have their semi-annual sales. That’s when I stock up on these! This whole tub lasted me for 3 months. The back of the tub reads the following:

“Fresh mango and zesty mandarin in warm rain. Citrus. Tropical. Exotic.

For Daily Beauty:
This rich body butter is clinically proven to relieve dry skin and strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier, promoting healing to restore a healthy, beautiful appearance. Apply liberally to elbows, knees, feet, and any area in need of intensive hydration.

Naturally Pampering Ingredients:
Moisturizing Shea and Jojoba butters, soothing aloe, nourishing vitamins E and B5”

Bath & Body Works Body Butter

Verdict? I love it. The scent I have used most recently is Mango Mandarin. I love how fruity and refreshing this is. Scent is a really personal thing so you’ll have to smell this to know for sure if you like it. Being that this is a body butter instead of a body lotion or even a body cream, a little goes a long way. The scent lingers on my skin beautifully and I can still smell it faintly at the end of the day. I always get asked what fragrance I’m wearing. For the price, this lovely product is a nice treat for your skin. If you get this on sale or with their coupons, it’s a must buy in my book. It worked extremely well for me in the winter too. I find it a little heavy for use during the summer. They also have various other scents available to choose from in case this scent is not right up your alley.

This product, when available, can easily be purchased at Bath & Body Works stores and online where available.


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