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Finger Paints Violaceous Vase

Hey guys! This week has been very busy and confusing for me. I hope it was better for y’all. My husband did take me for a quick stop at the mall so I can take advantage of the 2 for $24 3-wick candle sale at Bath & Body Works. Trust me, I am not thrilled that it went up from 2 for $20 to 2 for $22 and now 2 for $24. I only buy what I really want and just one of each for now. I made 3 separate transactions and used up all the $10 off $30 coupons I had on hand. I got myself 6 3-wick candles, 2 pocketbac holders, 5 pocketbacs, and 3 nail files. I paid it all with gift cards I redeemed with my Discover card. Enough about that though. It has been extremely cold here for me this past week so I haven’t been able to get product shots and swatches from a few things I have lined up to share with you guys. So for now, here’s Finger Paints Violaceous Vase.

Finger Paints Violaceous Vase

Violaceous Vase is a glitter shade that’s one of the 10 new shades in the brand’s core collection. This shade contains violet hex glitters in different sizes suspended in a slightly milky pink shimmer base. There is a slight duochrome property to it really. Formula was good. Shown is one coat with no top coat.

Finger Paints Violaceous Vase (in shade)

Finger Paints Violaceous Vase (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Violaceous Vase (close-up)

Finger Paints Violaceous Vase (lighting changed)

This shade should now be available in Sally Beauty Supply stores and online for $5.49.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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