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Curtain Call: Josie Maran Argan High Gloss Lip Quench

Hey guys! Today’s post is on another segment of Curtain Call. I had to toss this product out yesterday because it started to smell a little bit more off than I’m comfortable with. I just don’t go through this type of product very fast since I have a lot of them open at any given time. Here’s my updated take on the Josie Maran Argan High Gloss Lip Quench.

At 8 ml / 0.3 fl oz, this retailed for $16 wherever sold. I say “retailed” because I don’t see it anymore on the retailers I’ve known to carry this brand. As mentioned before on my initial review post here, the description on their website reads the following:

“Saturate your lips with Argan Oil, the liquid gold of Morocco. This 100% natural, moisturizing lip gloss also contains nourishing Jojoba Oil to condition and prevent dryness and chapping, and buriti oil an all natural skin soother with rich levels of oleic acid that promote skin nutrition and lock in moisture.

Worn alone or over your favorite lip color, this gloss provides a pop of transparent shine. 8 ml / 0.3 fl oz

Josie’s Tips: Apply on top of Magic Marker Lip Stain to refresh color and create a glossy finish.”

Josie Maran Argan High Gloss Lip Quench

Verdict? The focus of this review is my thoughts on this as I get to the end of the life of this product. It’s stickier than I remembered when I started using it. It still works as expected in keeping moisture to my lips, but at the very end it doesn’t feel like it’s much different from other lip glosses I’ve tried. Maybe the novelty of it has worn off or time has aged the product a little. The only reason I had to toss it with less than 1/4 left in the tube is that it started smelling different to the point that I’m ready to just move on with other stuff. It didn’t smell rancid yet, but it’s at a point where I’m ready to let it go. I didn’t expect it to last as long as other brands because of the sheer fact that other brands use preservatives to prolong the life of a product. The Josie Maran brand boasts in being natural and eco-friendly. For the price it goes for, I was determined to use this up all the way but I keep getting new lip products to try out so this was only revisited occasionally.

This item retailed for $16 and was available on their website as well as other retail locations such as Sephora. To check for other retail locations where products from her line are carried, click here.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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