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Two Good Scents Sugar Scrub

I have started doing things that involve more pampering recently. With all the lotions and creams or face masks and sugar scrubs that I own…..I really should put them to good use. I looked around when showering last weekend and noticed a hidden gem that I’ve neglected for a while: Two Good Scents Sugar Scrub.

Two Good Scents Sugar Scrub

The front of the box packaging it came in states the following:

“A Creamy Sugar Body Scrub
Enjoy your shower with Two Good Scents!”

I got this as a prize from a giveaway last year from Glitter.Gloss.Garbage. I was given a choice of the scent and I chose Lemon Cookie. It just sounded so good and made me think of the Girl Scouts cookie favorite of mine called Lemonades. The product packaging is simple but attractive. I find it very cute and a little but whimsical with the sheep. It’s very easy to use and it blew me away. A lot of sugar scrubs leave a very oily residue on the skin, but this one doesn’t! I feel like I’m treating myself to something luxurious when I use this. It scrubs really well and washes off clean. The light scent lingers on my skin while leaving it moisturized. Now, some of you might like a slightly more greasier feel after washing off but this works just perfectly for me. I only have to use a very light lotion afterwards if I feel like I need to moisturize still. A word of caution: DO NOT EAT! I was so tempted to eat it because it just smells that good!

This retails for $10 for 8 oz and is available online on their website.


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