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Laura Geller Semi-Annual Sale 2014

I hemmed and hawed and finally caved in last night. I made sure I liked stuff from this brand enough to make another purchase. I ran into the master bathroom and sat on the bathroom floor with my Brittany Spaniel beside me. I went through my Laura Geller inventory and opened an unused blush and applied it on real quick. It felt so light and I liked what I see that it sealed the deal for me. I ran to the PC and clicked add to cart twice (2 different kits) and placed my order. So what did I end up getting? 2 kits: Baked 101 and Sun Kissed Baked Radiance. I always found her kits to be the most affordable option and adding the 30% off on top of that just made it too hard to resist.

Laura Geller Semi-Annual Sale 2014

I’d recommend not putting it off any longer if you’ve been wanting to place an order for Laura Geller items. 30% off is one of their best sales from what I can tell. The bonus gift for reaching $50 is a nice incentive too. What are you waiting for? Hope on over to their website here. This ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM EDT.


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