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Throwback Thursday: Handmade Soaps

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday post. I haven’t really been as active on Instagram lately as well. Things are busy at work and I have my personal life to take care of, so those come first. But I passed by these in the guest bathroom today and couldn’t resist. As seen on my IG account here, I present to you a few of the handmade soaps on the guest bathroom counter in our house.

Throwback Thursday Handmade Soaps

I LOVE handmade soaps. Up until a few years ago, I was actively making soaps as a hobby. I use 2 methods primarily: cold process (CP) and melt & pour (MP). I started with MP buy change at a Michael’s store. They had the glycerin base and the process is basically melt the base, color and add fragrance before pouring it into molds. I got fancy with it eventually, making full logs of cake soaps and stuff. I then tried CP and loved it. The problem is I produce at least 12 bars with each batch so I participated in soap swaps on this soap forum I belonged to. As you can see in the picture, one of them was from 2005 (which is at the height of my soap making and swapping I think). It was fun as some were themed and some even had non-soap items but fall into the bath and body category like bath bombs and body butters. Some swaps even have the recipes included to share with others. I eventually had to stop because I was producing too much for any swap and even for giving away to people I know that would appreciate them. Sometimes I’d save a few bars of soap from a swap completely because I liked the look or the packaging. Some I’ve used once just to see what the formula is like but then set it to dry so I can keep it still. The recipe booklets come in handy too if I end up liking a formula, so I can make it for myself. I have a base formula I follow and tweak that I’ve stuck to since 2004. I still have my soap making notebook where I log the recipe of each batch of CP soap I’ve ever made. I use them as my inspiration for when I make my next batch of soap. 🙂

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