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LUSH Tender Is The Night

Hey guys! Today’s post is on a LUSH product that I’ve featured before on the blog here as a pampering treat for a bride. It’s currently my favorite massage bar from LUSH to date. Here’s my take on LUSH Tender Is The Night.

LUSH Tender Is The Night

Described as “SOFT, MELTING BUTTERS AND A SEDUCTIVE SCENT”, this product comes in 2.1 oz and retails for $11.95. More sexy description found on their website:

“You may recognize the name and fragrance of this product from Valentine’s past, but this year it takes on a new, bigger form. LUSH perfumer Simon Constantine made a perfume he called “Vanilla Orchid”; we fell in love with it and borrowed it for this product. The perfume is full of romantic essential oils, including vanilla absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil. This sensual shea and murumuru butter bar is made with an aeration technique that allows the butters to melt easily onto skin for a smooth, tender massage.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “Glide the massage bar directly over dry skin; it will melt upon contact. Massage or rub the oils into the skin. As massage bars are made with natural butters and oils, take care to ensure they absorb completely before putting on your best pj’s. Massage bars melt at body temperature, keep yours somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.”

LUSH Tender Is The Night (another angle)

What I love about this product? Everything! I have had the chance to try another massage bar from LUSH years ago, but I didn’t like it that much. I remember liking the scent but it has tons of glitter in it and I found it a bit too greasy. The greasiness is on the harder side — a little bit tacky and all that. With Tender Is The Night, there is greasiness as one would expect to have from a massage bar. But the greasiness is on the softer side — smooth and slick. Definitely not as thick at the one I tried before. The shape of the massage bar is oval and it is creamy white in color with a small pink flower or star design on one side. The size is great as it fits right into my hand easily. I can just glide this on directly to skin or warm it in between my hands to get some of the product. With that said, a little does go a long way. I made the mistake of using too much the first time I tried this product. I eagerly warmed the massage bar in my hands and it melted pretty quick. So keep that in mind so as not to end up using too much of it. You can always melt more in your hands if needed. The scent is absolutely lovely. It’s definitely on the sexy side, which works great and suits a massage bar. I used this to give my husband a back massage and he enjoyed the feel and scent of the massage bar. Being that this is more slick than other massage bars I’ve tried, it made my hands glide over his back easily — almost like a massage oil itself but with a little more body. After the massage, I quickly wiped his back down with a damp towel to remove most of the extra greasiness. I didn’t want his shirt to absorb it and to leave him feeling uncomfortable. It leaves his skin so soft with that lovely scent. I couldn’t stop sniffing him each time I got close to him. I’m very surprised that I loved this product as much as I did.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing. Not even the price. For the amount of times you get to use this product, it’s worth it.

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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