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Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara

Part of the limited edition Bella Blue Collection, Milani brings us these 3 blue colored mascaras to play with. I was excited to see this in the press release here, but tried to not have high expectations when it comes to performance and pigmentation of these 3 shades. I can say these are definitely much better in both aspects than their lip color counterpart in this collection, the Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color. Just in time for Fourth of July festivities, here’s Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara.

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara (direct sunlight)

This is described as:

  • Gorgeous, buildable colored mascara
  • Limited Edition
  • Made in USA

The product packaging is very similar as their Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss line. The gold mirror surface cap helps me with checking on my makeup every now and then without needing a mirror. Using this product is pretty straightforward: apply to upper and lower lashes as desired. I don’t detect a scent really during the entire time I’ve come into contact with this product. The colors are vivid and vibrant. It dries pretty quick on my lashes and I just add more coats for color opacity. I never went past 2 though and I find this surprising (as well as pleasing really). I didn’t think it was as pigmented as it is. Some shades show up better on lighter lashes (mine are black but I tried it on someone with blonde lashes), but all the shades show up regardless of lash color. It leaves my lashes ever so slightly crunchy when I have 2 generous coats on. Not a problem for me though with what I’m getting out of this product. Removal for me takes as much as a waterproof mascara even though the product description doesn’t claim it to be waterproof (or not). I tried simply using facial wash and water — some came off but what was left over did not budge. Most of the product that was left over were on the tips of the lashes. It all came off the next day in the shower. The next time I used it, I used a waterproof makeup remover to do the job. Swatches shown below is one stroke of a blob of the mascara applied onto my arm then having the brush swipe over it twice. I tried to just swipe it over my arm as is, but the product stayed in the grooves of the mascara brush so I had to use the product gathered on the tip to apply it onto my arm and then run the mascara brush over it to create the swatches. The 3 shades from left to right are Bella Blue, Mediterranean Blue and Azure.

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara Swatches

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara Swatches (with flash)

Here’s a shot of the product on the brushes to show the color of each shade.

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara Shades (to show color of product in tube)

I’ve posted on my Instagram account here on what it looks like with 2 generous coats.

Milani Bella Blue Lash Art Colored Mascara IG Post

If you have to decide what to get from Milani’s Bella Blue Collection, I’d say these are it.

These retail for $3.99 each and should now be available in select Walgreens, KMart and Fred Meyer stores as well as online on their website.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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