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Curtain Call: Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Luxurious Shower Gel

Today’s post marks the end of the life of a beauty product. The packaging has changed over the years, but they still do carry this product. This Curtain Call segment is on Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Luxurious Shower Gel.

At 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml, this is sold under their VS Fantasies brand. I got this in a beauty set during the Holidays a few years ago. It comes in a clear plastic bottle packaging with a screw top lid where you push in to open the top and squeeze out some of the product. The back of the bottle reads the following:

Awaken your senses with
the lush sensuality of our
Luxurious Shower Gel.
A little creates rich lather
leaving skin delicately cleansed,
petal soft, and scented with
lavishly lush Love Spell.

Lather over body with wash-
cloth or sponge, then rinse.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Luxurious Shower Gel

Verdict? I’ve always liked the scent Love Spell the most among that line of theirs (I think it used to be called Victoria’s Secret Garden). It’s sweet and reminds me of yummy candy. Light purple or lavender in color, it works just like any other shower gel I’ve tried — it cleans and leaves the skin soft with its scent. This currently retails for $14 a bottle, but you can get this at a great price during their regular deals for this line or with their semi-annual sale that is currently running still. As mentioned, the packaging has changed since then, but this is still available on their website as well as in stores. This also available as part of a gift set occasionally, especially during the Holiday season.

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