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Shimmer Polish Leslie

Squee! I’m so excited that today is Wednesday. That means we’re halfway there towards the weekend! Time is flying by fast yet again and I’m not one to complain. Today’s blog post is on another shade from Shimmer Polish that is one of my favorites. Here’s Shimmer Polish Leslie.

Shimmer Polish Leslie

Again, sorry for the smear in the label. At the very least it’s not the bottle that’s sensitive to polish remover (cause that’s the case with some other brands!). I’m not completely heartbroken if the label is smeared cause I can always stick a small round label at the bottom and write the name there. With the bottle, it’s tarnished basically. Anyway, this shade consists of a lot of different glitters that the creator described it as “periwinkle and lavender”. I can see a hint of coppery orange in the mix but it’s not abundant at all. The bigger hex glitters work very well in the mix — giving the look more texture and variety. I’ve had this bottle for about a year now or so and I see no sinking glitter in sight just like other shades I have from Shimmer Polish. Formula is thicker than Jennifer and Lucie but applies beautifully. Shown is 2 thin coats with no top coat.

Shimmer Polish Leslie (in shade)

Shimmer Polish Leslie (direct sunlight)

Shimmer Polish Leslie (close-up)

Shimmer Polish Leslie (lighting changed)

Again, perfect color combination!

Shimmer Polish retails for $12 each and you can purchase them on the website or through their Etsy store. If none of the shades are quite right, you can request a custom polish to be made in any name you want for $15 each.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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