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Wedding DIY #5 – Hospitality Baskets

Today’s post is on something wedding related (again), but it’s not something new. I’ve seen it before years ago when I was still living in the East Coast at a wedding I attended. I saw it at the last wedding I attended too. I just put the basics together of what I could think of my guests possibly needing that I can provide such as antacids, safety pins, body sprays, face wipes, shout wipes, lint remover, gum and more. Shown below is what the basket would look like for the women’s restroom. The men’s basket is more sparse due to the fact that there are things in the women’s basket that doesn’t apply to men at all or have an equivalent object to it (like hair ties, bobby pins and feminine products).

Hospitality Baskets

I hope it comes in handy for some. I know that the last wedding I attended (which was my cousin’s), my fiance got a killer headache and the pain pills came in handy. Thanks cuz! Now, I hope to return the favor to someone else when needed!


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